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Safety for Future Societies

Genesis of Machine Intellect

In 2016, there were 25 internet-connected devices for every...

Escalating dangers on borders

According to the Global Terrorism Index 2016, terror attacks...

Outbreak of Global Threats

In March 2016, three deadly blasts shook Brussels: two at Zaventem airport and one at a subway station...

Biometric Identification

Gateway to Public Safety and Security

Accurate, secured and versatile safety solutions provided by NEC with the world’s most accurate biometrics9

With the growing need to use biometric identification to provide robust security at borders as well as to grant access control in critical infrastructures, the integration of AI technologies is more critical than ever (e.g. liveness detection, tailgating detection etc.). Not only that, accurate and secure authentication are also necessary for safe and efficient operations of e-businesses and e-governance with the growing number of online transactions (e.g. banking, public administration etc.).

NEC boasts a solid history of supplying biometrics ID systems across the globe, leveraging 40 years of experience with 700 systems located in more than 70 countries worldwide. NEC also provides multi-modal solutions including fingerprint, face, iris, voice and more.

  1. NIST-Proven Accuracy

Video Surveillance

Safeguard Cities, Homes through Cyber-Physical Fusion

Combat risk of human intrusion and physical destruction.
Prevent crimes even before they happen.

With security concerns being the focal point in today’s IoT era, there has been an increase in camera surveillance but the effectiveness of such surveillance is limited to the availability of human resources in monitoring all gathered data. As such, the need arises to install AI-based technologies to generate automated alerts for detection of suspicious persons and unusual behaviour from video footages. Cyber-physical integration is thus, essential to link criminal activities with actual suspects in the physical world.

NEC possesses the world’s finest high-performance face recognition technology that facilitates real-time surveillance. We also offer behaviour analysis technology to detect suspicious behaviours or abandoned objects, and analyze crowd behaviour. Through extensive application of video analytics, NEC’s surveillance system creates a full-proof security wall that analyzes crime data with real time monitoring.

Applications for Public Safety

Citizen Services &
Immigration Control
Law Enforcement
Critical Infrastructure
Integration with
Cyber Security



In a bid to strengthen the global fight against cybercrime, NEC signed a partnership agreement with INTERPOL. Under this agreement, NEC delivered the core technical elements to fight cybercrime in the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI).


NEC holds a strategic partnership with International Air Transport Association (IATA)


NEC holds a membership with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP)

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Case Study

NEC built a safe city model for Tigre, Argentina

NEC developed a public safety platform for Tigre known as the Tigre Operations Centre (COT) as the city centre’s brain for conducting real-time monitoring 24/7. The COT is based on integrated surveillance systems that implement sensitive tracking of criminal activities in order to deter crimes. Vehicle theft rates were slashed by 80%, adding to the improved overall wellbeing of city dwellers.

NEC provides intelligent surveillance for Atanasio Girardot Stadium - Medellin, Colombia

NEC provides an intelligent surveillance solution using Facial Recognition (NeoFace) to identify individuals fast and accurately against a database of known troublemakers. That way, it is possible to restrict their entrance at each gate for safer operations.
After the rollout of the system, thousands of people can be checked immediately when they are admitted in the stadium and also while they remain there. Potential troublemakers are identified fast and accurately and will be deterred from entering the stadium, helping to prevent disturbances. Another crucial result is the significant improvement for the work efficiency of stadium employees.

Proposed NEC Solutions:

Face Recognition System

NEC provides biometric border screening at John F. Kennedy International Airport

In 2016, NEC installed its premier facial recognition solution, NeoFace Match, at JFK International airport – one of the largest international airports in the U.S. with some of the longest average waiting times. NeoFace’s speed and accuracy has greatly increased the level of Homeland security in the U.S. by ensuring fast and accurate border clearance.

Proposed NEC Solutions:

NeoFace Solutions

NEC reinforces domestic and international security support systems with the Cyber Security Factory

With cyber-attacks becoming more frequent, sophisticated and damaging by the day, physical systems are no longer 100% safe. NEC’s Cyber Security Factory solutions offer worldwide security intelligence that is systematic and proactive. NEC’s core facility for global security support combines human understanding, information and cutting-edge technologies to craft advanced security measures against constantly evolving cyber-attacks. Moreover, by establishing 6 Security Operations Centres (SOC) around the world, including Singapore, Brazil and Japan, NEC contributes to safe, resilient societies via a follow-the-sun model.

Proposed NEC Solutions:

Cloud City Operating Centre

Whitepaper Infographics

Finding a Face in a Crowded Arena

Discover how face recognition is improving the live experience at stadiums and large-scale events.

Digital Identity: Towards Seamless, Secure and Efficient Air Travel

A digital biometrics solution allows a passenger to securely identify himself to the key stakeholders before, during and even after a trip to the airport to catch a flight.

The Frictionless Future of Face Recognition

This is a story of the near future in 2020 about the new way for travelers to get from their gate to destination by using their face.

7 Ways Face Recognition Can Unlock A Secure, Frictionless and Personalized Travel Experience

With advanced biometric and face recognition solutions, airports can make an air traveler's journey a more pleasant one. Here are seven ways advanced recognition technologies can provide a secure, frictionless and personalized passenger experience.

Taking off with Digital Identity

See how a single ID will transform air travel.
NEC solutions enable to enhance traveler experience and improve security level & work efficiency at airport.

Passenger Flow Management

NEC offers a comprehensive passenger flow management solution that provides real-time insights throughout the airport journey for efficient movement of passengers.

NEC's facial technology creates seamless customer experiences

Your face is now your game ticket, wallet, loyalty card and more.
Find out how the world's most accurate facial recognition technology is changing the game for fans and customers.


The growth of commercial aviation explained.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Secure Digital Identity

Digital identity plays a central role in the finance industry by forging personalized customer experience and combining ease-of-use and accessibility with security, privacy and control of consumer data. This InfoBrief emphasizes the importance of being human-centric instead of being techno-centric in the context of financial services landscape.

Safe Cities Index 2017

Cities across the globe are growing in size and in terms of how connected they are.
Which cities are best at keeping their citizens safe and how do they do it?
The Safe Cities Index 2017 is a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, covering 60 cities across the globe.

Digital ID: Enhancing Air Travel and Passenger Experience

The prevalence of airport security problems goes unnoticed today with spiralling security costs and long waiting time which adversely affects passenger convenience. This infographic illustrates how digital identity enables a frictionless passenger journey in airports from check-in to arrival at destination.

Digital ID: Optimizing Identification and Access Management in Critical Infrastructures

This infographic highlights the challenges faced by critical infrastructures today, including both external and internal factors. Discover how digital identity can not only optimize operational efficiency but also transform the experiences of key stakeholders.

Securing Experiences via Digital Identity

The proliferation of technologies within societies (e.g. Internet of Things) has led to the rapid convergence of cyber and physical spaces. This Executive Briefing Paper delves into the Rule of Three for security today and how latest innovations (e.g. integration of biometrics, video analytics and cybersecurity) can be leveraged to ensure that. Discover how digital identity transforms customer experiences and operations within airports and critical infrastructures as we journey through to bring seamless experiences to passengers, security operators etc. on a day-to-day basis.

Integrating Physical and Cyber Security for Safer Cities

Looking into 2030, the implications of globalization will be more prominent than ever in the face of mass movement of people into urban areas in search of new opportunities, creating unprecedented challenges. To safeguard important public infrastructures, authorities will increasingly deploy smart city technologies to the point of subjecting cities to complete dependence on them. However, focusing solely on deploying the best technological solutions does not necessarily make a city more secure. How can NEC help with its unique Cyber-physical fusion technologies to promote safer cities?

Infographic: Integrating Physical and Cyber Security for Safer Cities

Technology today is advancing at an accelerated pace which have brought the convergence of the cyber-physical world, making cities are more vulnerable to attacks than ever before. Evolving from an efficiency-driven city to one that embodies an inclusive, resilient society can be achieved by leveraging horizontal technologies to deploy cutting-edge solutions. Discover how organizations can address the emerging risks to critical infrastructure with NEC’s Cyber-Physical solutions in this Frost & Sullivan Infographic.

NEC Public Safety Whitepaper: Biometrics

A recent study on Australian passport officers by PLOS ONE journal revealed that 1 out of 7 fake passport photos are being overlooked by officers, bringing about a high error rate of 14% among officers and this is especially alarming considering the massive air travel today. So, how does advanced biometrics help eliminate such security flaw and ensure that public safety is never compromised at all times, especially for border control and law enforcement?

NEC Public Safety Whitepaper: City’s Planner’s Handbook for Public Safety

With the global population trending towards increasing urbanization levels (with 70% projected to be urban by 2050), cities face increased sophistication and security challenges. In this context, proper and effective urban planning has been the focus of city planners in order to respond to varying security threats, whether physical or cyber, as well as to build a societal balance between public perceptions of technological integration for public safety against its perceived benefits. As such, a more human-centric approach is required in successfully deploying smart technologies for the 7 key public safety areas.

NEC Cyber Fusion Whitepaper

The degree of city threats today is very much real, devastating and destructive. Coordinated cyber attacks have crippled numerous critical infrastructures of cities and countries worldwide. Public authorities can no longer shield cities with mere traditional cyber defences. The scale of cyber warfare only continues to spread further. How can city authorities create safer cities through cyber fusion and put an end to cyber-physical security threats?

Future Safe and Smart City Whitepaper by Tech Research Asia

To be a smart city is first to be safe. True safety lies in protecting the stability and security of all people, from the smallest of suburban areas to the largest of urban metropolises. And in part of achieving this smart city goal, there exist multiple challenges in implementing such a huge-scale strategy. Thus, what are the next steps for city planners to ensure that public safety projects are well-delivered, of which is fundamental to smart city success?



Smart use of big data can make a passenger experience faster and more enjoyable. Facial recognition technology streamlines the passenger processing time and stops bottlenecks at checkpoints. Find out how your face may replace your passport.

Sustaining Urban Infrastructures with Cutting Edge Technologies

The number of attacks on critical infrastructures is on the rise. Airports, power generation plants, government services, stadiums, big event venues and open spaces have become soft targets for physical and cyber-attacks due to the domino effect they create. How can urban planners leverage on cutting edge technologies such as AI-IoT, biometrics, cyber security and the integration of emerging technologies to deploy optimal solutions?

More information:White Paper

NeoFace Watch

NEC’s NeoFace Watch delivers face recognition solutions with speed, accuracy and performance. It is the fastest and most accurate face matching technology (biometrics) under all conditions, including matching poor resolution facial images as low as 24 pixels. Bring non-intrusive, real-time monitoring to fight crimes and build safety for the people.

More information:Face Recognition

Integrated Urban Safety Solutions: Tigre City, Argentina

In line with The Program of Cities for People, the city council partnered with NEC in order to foster “safe, vital, sane and healthy cities”. With NEC’s solutions such as Citizen Collaboration for Security, Licence Plate Analyzer etc., Tigre has emerged to become a Safe City model in Latin America with NEC’s public safety platform.

More information:Tigre Case Study

Face Recognition demo at LPGA ANA Inspiration

NEC demonstrated Face Recognition Technology, NeoFace, at LPGA ANA Inspiration in Rancho Mirage, CA, USA. This is LPGA's first major tournament and the number of attendees are increasing year by year.
With media coverage also increasing, credential management has become a key factor in the overall venue infrastructure.
In addition, it's important to secure the safety of both attendees and golf players for the organizer.
Watch how NEC's NeoFace has greatly increased the user experience all while providing an expanded level of safety and security.

Cyber Fusion

Fusing cyber and physical intelligence to combat cyberterrorism. NEC’s Cyber Fusion Centre integrates multiple applications of technologies from digital forensics, malware analytics to cyber surveillance in order to identify true source of cyber attacks, trace possible suspects and physically locate the cyber-criminal(s) responsible.

More information:NEC Cyber Security Solutions

Client Testimonials

NEC solved various issues with integrated solutions, delivering world-class airport services at RIOgaleao - Tom Jobim International Airport

NEC’s experience in Brazil and globally made them our ideal partner. Thanks to NEC’s integrated solutions, we can make the airport safer, securer, and more comfortable for everyone.

Alexandre Villeroy,
CIO, RIOgaleao Airport, Brazil

NEC transformed Wellington into a smart, safe and eco-friendly city

Working with NEC has been a real pleasure. They have been adaptable and they brought new technologies to help us solve difficult problems of today’s cities. It is really exciting to start seeing the results of our partnership with NEC. We include people, we improve the environment and it’s going to be a very successful, exciting digital economy.

Celia Wade-Brown,
Former Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand

Awards & Accolades

Frost & Sullivan's 2017 Asia Pacific Integrated Biometrics Solutions for Public Safety Leadership Award

Awarded for NEC’s leading multimodal biometrics solutions (i.e. NeoFace® Watch Facial Recognition Suite etc.), largely deployed within Asia Pacific

Ranked # 1 in Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS)

Market leader with over 62% market share globally
[Global Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) Report, 2016]

Ranked # 1 in Facial Recognition Technology by NIST 3 consecutive times

Ranked first in the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Face Recognition Vendor Test for NeoFace®

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