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Information Security Report

In recent years, Digital Transformation (DX) has brought about new business models and schemes. While the progress of the "work style reform" has enabled people to work in diverse ways, a number of security issues have arisen from it.

In these social circumstances, NEC is shifting to a security platform based on the concept of zero trust that provides protection while assuming that no access is granted without verification. We are driving cybersecurity measures in line with Version 2.0 of the "Cybersecurity Management Guidelines" established by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). These measures include addressing increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, providing highly secure products, systems and services based on the Security by Design (SBD) concept, and promoting information security efforts for the entire supply chain. By doing so, we aim to continue to be a trusted company.

This report outlines the NEC Group's information security activities related to the ICT business. We hope that you read this report and find it informative.

Information Security Report 2021


  • NEC’s Approach to Information Security
  • On the Publication of “Information Security Report 2021”

NEC's Information Security Report

  • Information Security Promotion Framework
  • Information Security Governance
  • Information Security Management
  • Information Security Infrastructure
  • Information Security Personnel
  • Measures Against Cyberattacks
  • Information Security in Cooperation with Business Partners
  • Providing Secure Products, Systems, and Services

Leading Edge of NEC's Information Security

  • Development and Global Deployment of a Zero Trust Security Platform
  • NEC's Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Cases of R&D of the Leading-edge Cybersecurity Technology
  • Third-party Evaluations and Certifications
  • NEC Group Profile


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