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Message from the President

Becoming a company that is essential to society

Takashi Niino, President and CEO

Since its foundation in 1899, NEC has contributed to customers with our motto “Better Products, Better Services” and has grown into providing products and services centered on IT and networks.

In recent years, a variety of social issues are being highlighted by global initiatives such as the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” adopted by 193 UN member states in 2015 and the “Paris Agreement” adopted by COP21. Companies now find it necessary to address these initiatives. Our customers’ expectations have changed, and they are seeking to find “value” that leads to solutions to these issues in a more comprehensive manner, beyond just providing individual products or services.

Our aspiration to be a company that is essential to society has led us to formulate “Seven Themes for Social Value Creation” that we aim to address under the brand statement “Orchestrating a brighter world.” The direction of these themes aligns with the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. I believe that sustainable management of NEC will continue to contribute to society through the realization of our goals through these themes.

The fundamentals of sustainable management tell us to address compliance first. NEC has signed the “United Nations Global Compact,” an initiative that calls on companies worldwide to align their strategies and operations with universal principles of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. We recognize that compliance is one of the most critical issues of management. NEC has worked continuously to enforce the compliance initiative by implementing and operating an internal control system.

Last fiscal year, however, the Japan Fair Trade Commission recognized three incidents in which we were found to have been in violation of the Antimonopoly Act of Japan. It was truly regrettable that there were multiple incidents, and this led me, as a member of top management, to reflect deeply on the matter. In response, we immediately began a review of our fair trade education programs and reinforced an internal audit/monitoring system relating to fair trade. Instead of temporarily troubleshooting these issues, we are determined to make sure there is no repetition of this kind of problem by continuously reviewing our compliance system. NEC will continue to make resolute efforts to regain the trust of its customers.

Through interaction and co-creation with various stakeholders, including customers, NEC can learn what customers and society value and then maximize the value expeditiously. In this way, I will make NEC become a company that is essential to society.

  July 2017

Takashi Niino sign

Takashi Niino
President and CEO

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