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In recognition of the fact that reliable corporate governance is essential to the continuous creation of social value and the maximization of corporate value, NEC is committed to strengthening its corporate governance practices through

  1. Assurance of transparent and sound management,
  2. Realization of prompt decision making and business execution,
  3. Clarification of accountability and
  4. Timely, appropriate and fair disclosure of information.

NEC believes that innovation is the key to continuing to provide social value. We are therefore promoting innovation management centered on strengthening our technological capabilities and accelerating commercialization.

As a company engaged in the social solution business, NEC believes that to earn and sustain the trust of customers and society are the most important things. NEC considers compliance to not only mean compliance with the law, but also in the wide sense to include compliance with socially accepted norms and common sense. Likewise, our risk management activities include properly understanding risks that have an impact on the Company's business, and taking preventive measures efficiently and effectively, including against compliance violations. NEC positions compliance at the foundation of management, and recognizes compliance as one of its "materiality", which are essential themes for corporate governance. We will continue to promote Companywide efforts including the top management.

NEC stipulates in its Group Code of Conduct that:

  • We will comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and in-house regulations, including this Code, in every aspect of our corporate activities at all times. We will strive to ensure that all corporate activities are in compliance with normal business practices and social ethics.
  • We will accurately and fairly maintain all accounting and other records in accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and in-house regulations, and properly execute our duties. We will not carry out any unlawful accounting transactions or actions that may cause losses to the NEC Group.

NEC is actively involved in promoting fair commercial transactions, such as structural reinforcement to comply with laws and regulations regarding competition and bribery. This is an important activity for ensuring compliance, which is one of our material issues from an ESG perspective. In addition, NEC believes that it is important to constantly place the highest priority on compliance and to pursue it in this era of severe global competition.

NEC promotes business continuity management (BCM) in order to fulfill its social responsibility to maintain the operation of various backbone systems, database, various communication devices and systems provided by NEC Corporation when a disaster occurs. BCM also makes it possible for us to fully carry out our supply-chain responsibility and to attend quickly to our customers to be involved in the recovery of social infrastructure as soon as possible when risk occurs.

As supply chains continually become globalized, corporations are required to responsibly conduct procurement activities that strongly emphasize sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.

NEC endeavors to work not only within itself, but also in cooperation with suppliers to conduct business while giving full attention to its impacts on the environment and the society as a whole. We believe this will make us worthy of the trust given by society and enable us to contribute to sustainable social value creation. As we learn together about critical social issues and the impact of business on society, we will continually engage in initiatives toward building a better supply chain.

Since its founding in 1899, NEC has promised its customers to provide world-class products and to provide responsible aftersales services, based on "Better Products, Better Services." This motto captures the spirit of NEC at a time when it had yet to earn society's trust. We were committed to gaining the trust of customers by having our employees understand and practice "Better Products, Better Services," in order to build a strong foundation for the Company within society.

To realize this aspiration, the Company introduced quality control in 1946, and has made Companywide efforts to increase quality. We hope that all our employees will be confident in NEC's quality policy by raising the quality of their own work, the products they create, and the services they provide. Also we hope to see "NEC Quality" become the preferred and trusted choice of our customers.

NEC recognizes that it is our duty to protect the information assets entrusted to us by our customers and business partners as well as our own information assets in order to provide better products and services and contribute to the development of society. Based on this concept, NEC has identified "security" as one of the themes of its "materiality," the priority management theme from an ESG perspective, and has established an "Information Security Statement," as the basis for promoting efforts to ensure both information and cyber security. Based on the "Information Security Promotion Framework" (figure below), NEC is trying its best to realize a secure information society and provide value to its customers.