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CSR Information Disclosure Policy

Aiming to be a “Social Value Innovator”, NEC considers communication with stakeholders to be a critical initiative because communication provides an opportunity for us not only to recognize our obligation to carry out our social responsibility but also to understand the fundamental issues of our customers and society.

The CSR Report (web version) is an important tool for communication with our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and investors, business partners, local communities and employees. It discloses the CSR initiatives and their results as viewed from ESG (Environment, Society, Governance). The NEC Annual Report also gives an outline of the CSR Report.

Scope of Report

The content solely relates to NEC Corporation in certain sections, but also includes subsidiary companies in other sections. For information covering a specific set of NEC and subsidiary companies, the scope of such information has been explicitly defined in each relevant section.
In disclosures of CSR-related information, “NEC” refers to NEC Corporation and its subsidiary companies, unless otherwise noted.

Disclosure Format

CSR Website

Harnessing various website features, NEC regularly discloses the latest information on its CSR activities via its CSR website, which is utilized as an interactive communication tool. Furthermore, it emphasizes detailed coverage of information to ensure conformance with international reporting initiatives such as GRI, while addressing the needs of CSR professionals such as SRI research institutes, the news media, universities and NPOs/NGOs.
For details of NEC’s approaches to environmental issues, please refer to Annual Environmental Report 2017.

Annual Report

Annual Report explains NEC’s management strategies from both financial and non-financial perspectives, with the view to promoting the sustainable growth of NEC and society as a whole. From fiscal 2014, NEC has published an annual report that integrates the traditional annual report format centered on financial reporting with non-financial information highlights (the former CSR Report Digest).

Reference Guidelines

With the aim of achieving conformance with international reporting initiatives, NEC reports on CSR activities with reference to the following guidelines:

  • GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines 4.0(*)
  • United Nations Global Compact
  • ISO 26000

  • *International guidelines for sustainability reports issued by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)

Update of CSR Activity Report for Each Fiscal Year Issued:

September 2017 (Previous: September 2016)

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