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Meet the coordinators

As a woman, let's think and talk together! You are the lead character in your life!
9 coordinators all over the country are waiting for you in FY2015.

Kaori Naganoma (Kitami City, Abashiri City, in Hokkaido)

Kaori Naganoma

Holding salons in Kitami and Abashiri Cities, Hokkaido. Madre Bonita's postpartum self-care instructor, raising 10-, 7-, and 2-year-old sons. 7 years as a full-time housewife, and 5 years as a working mother. Through the experience of both, I realized that every working mother is worried about coping with both work and being a mother, and seeking a better life, marriage, family and interpersonal relationships. Solve and discuss problems of "working mothers" with "what you want to do", not with "what you should do". I am looking forward to seeing you in the salon.

Nanae Yamai (Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture)

Nanae Yamai

I live in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture with my husband and son (2-year-old). I am a sole proprietor and part-time worker.
I was worried about how to work after childbirth so I joined the salon. I believe that a place like the salon providing an opportunity to think what you want to do is necessary. I decided to hold the salon in Sendai because such a place is needed in the local community. Talking and listening in the salon does not solve problems immediately, but interesting chemistry occur. Experience the reactions in Sendai.

Mio Tanei (Saitama and other cities in Saitama Prefecture, Ashikaga City in Tochigi Prefecture)

Mio Tanei

I live in Saitama City with my husband and 2-year-old son. My job is a part-time physical therapist.
I met Madre Bonita, and I decided to return to work. I ask myself "What do I feel?" and "What do I want to do?", and answer those questions out loud so this is what drives me. However, I do not think I could achieve this without help. Come to the salon! You can have time to face yourself through workshops and connections with other people. Looking forward to seeing you!

Kazumi Fujii (Shinagawa-ku, Meguro-ku in Tokyo, and Kawasaki and other cities in Kanagawa Prefecture)

Kazumi Fujii

I work for a food company, live in Shinagawa-ku, and am a mother of two children (5-year-old and 2-year-old).
I started this activity because I was worried about how to work last year. I keep looking for my own way of working, without a mommy track nor a career-oriented one.
Talking about and listening to "what you want to do" in the salon deepens and forms your thoughts. It may be difficult to do it alone, but you can think and talk comfortably through group workshops in the salon. Come to the salon if you have indescribable feelings! Looking forward to seeing you.

Yuki Sekiguchi (Ota-ku, Setagaya-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Suginami-ku in Tokyo)

Yuki Sekiguchi

Holding salons mainly in Ota-ku and Setagaya-ku. I am the mother of 2 children (3-year-old boy and 1-year-old girl) living in Ota-ku. I work for a technology development division of a manufacturing company, and am currently on maternity leave. I will return to work during the period while salons are held.
I have been participating in the salons for 3 periods, and realized that "working mother" means "working along with family". It took 3 years for me to realize it. The joy I felt when I realized it and the emotion when I said it out loud are my driving forces as a coordinator this year. Let's talk about "working mothers" living in a changing era! I am waiting for your participation in the salon.

Hitomi Mitsuo (Joetsu City in Niigata Prefecture, Nagano City in Nagano Prefecture)

Hitomi Mitsuo

I hold salons in Joetsu City and Nagano City. I am a mother of one child and returned to work this spring. When I was on childcare leave, I was anxious about my career after returning to work and how to balance my mind between career and childrearing. That was when I met Mothers Salon. I figured out what was important to me and accepted the change of becoming a mother proactively through the discussion at the salon. As an individual, face yourself and talk about your life. I hope all participants in the salon can have precious time which you cannot have in everyday life.

Yuko Tanaka (Sabae City, Fukui City, Echizen City in Fukui Prefecture)

Yuko Tanaka

The salon will be held in Fukui Prefecture for the first time. I am a working mother of two daughters who is busy with childrearing, work and local community activities. I grew up in Hyogo Prefecture and moved to Fukui three years ago when I got married. After I gave birth to my first daughter, I had many worries about living in Fukui, childrearing and work, and also had difficulties that I had no one to share the worries. After I gave birth to my second daughter, I decided not to fall into the same situation, and succeeded in starting a childrearing circle and holding NEC Working Mothers Salons. I strive to provide the salon as a place where mothers like me who want to be connected to other mothers and talk can express their feelings comfortably. Looking forward to seeing you in the salon!

Keiko Uematsu (Gifu City in Gifu Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Mie Prefecture)

Keiko Uematsu

I am an office worker and working mother who lives with my husband and two children (5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter). I participated in the salon three years ago when I was on childrearing leave.
Back then, I was not able to express my worries and anxiety after childbirth. However, when I expressed my feelings out loud in the salon, I could locate how to face the reality and what I should do next. The power of words is amazing! I felt it.
I am glad to hold salons providing such experience in my hometown and Tokai region where I worked. Looking forward to seeing you!

Yuko Matsuura (Shimada City, Hamamatsu City, Fukuroi City, Kikugawa City in Shizuoka Prefecture)

Yuko Matsuura

I am a mother of a 3-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter living in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture and work as a part-time childcare worker. I casually participated in NEC Working Mothers Salon in Hamamatsu last year, and it made me be aware of many things and gave me a lot of inspiration through the workshop and sharing with other participants in the salon. "This great place must remain! This is what all mothers need!" These emotions are my energy to become a coordinator in Shizuoka this year.
Salons will be held in Shimada City and Kikukawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture for the first time. What can mothers realize when facing themselves? Come join us and find out. Waiting for your participation!

Coordinator activity report for 2014

Ms. Tomomi Hosokawa, a coordinator for 2014, received the "Employee Activity Award" from her company.

Ms. Tomomi Hosokawa (on the left) receiving an award

Ms. Tomomi Hosokawa who was a coordinator for 2014 from Saitama and Akabane team received an award praising her "NEC Working Mothers Salons" activities from her company.
The reasons she received the award was according to evaluating her putting into practice her efforts to become an employee who voluntarily learns, thinks, challenges and evolves.

Comments from the supervisor of Ms. Hosokawa

Flowers and a testimonial from her company

Ms. Hosokawa has been a member of "NEC Working Mothers Salon", and became a coordinator involved in management tasks in 2014. She received the "President Prize" for her advanced activities. She explained the details of the activities for the salons, and I expect her further success in the activities as a member of NEC Working Mothers Salon and daily work.

Message from Ms. Hosokawa

Team member for 2014

In 2014, I held "NEC Working Mothers Salons" in Saitama Prefecture and Kita-ku, Tokyo. It has been 4 years since I was fascinated by and involved in this activity.
When I encountered this salon, I was too busy with taking care of my children to think for myself, and spent day after day not realizing the need to think for myself. The salon is the place to discuss "working mothers" from three vantage points: life, work and partnership.
The salon is the place where you can sincerely face the questions "What do I want to do now?" and "What am I thinking now?" While you may not be able to resolve worries by yourself, talking about them with others may make you realize something new and take one step forward.
One of the salon benefits is meeting with administrative members.
Administrative members bring their own expertise and hold salons in their areas even when they are busy with other matters. If you are interested in the salons and administrating the salons, come to the salons which will be held regularly nationwide until November. Waiting for your participation. Members will welcome you warmly.