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Overview of salon

"NEC Working Mothers Salons" supporting mothers and women who want to work

Many social issues such as daycare services and working environment must be solved so that women can rejoin the workforce after childbirth.

However, the "uncertain anxiety" regarding working while raising children remains unresolved under the current systems and services.

This project is held nationwide to enable the participants to solve issues by focusing on self-empowerment and confronting one's anxiety and issues. Workshops with a small number of participants are held all over the country.

Communication work

The work is designed to obtain self-expression and communication abilities required to rejoin the workforce, and to face one’s worries and anxieties in order to locate issues and resolve them on one’s own.

This is the place where women can discern the true nature of problems, look deep inside themselves, and discuss women's actual opinions.

Self-introduction "Good & New" for brain activation

Write down the "good things (Good) that happened in last 24 hours (New)", then tell the stories about them to your discussion partner (work in pairs, in turns). Think quickly to promote one’s brain activation. In addition, knowing about other people makes you feel close to them.

"Sharing", a communication work to face yourself

In groups of two, choose a theme from among "life", "work" and "partnership", tell your story to your listener, the listener takes notes and summarizes your story, then tell the summary back to the speaker. This work improves abilities to express yourself and listen to others attentively.
Participants discuss "working mother" in the second half of a session.

Salon system

Members of "NEC Working Mothers Salons" are shown below.

HQ members

Managed by Madre Bonita.

Support members

They support the entire project without belonging to the salon management team. Consists of questionnaire team, public relations team (introduce and send out activities to the public), management support team, and observations team.

Salon management team

Members to hold and manage salons in each area.
Create a place labeled "salon" together through various roles including preparation, management tasks, facilitators, MCs, and post-paperwork.


Held in cooperation with NPO Madre Bonita.