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NEC Global Enterprise Solutions for Manufacturing

Value Proposition


NEC provides global business systems that leverage our extensive experience in production innovation and creating business platforms as a leading supplier of business management, design, production, supply chain reform, and after-sales service solution.

  • Both on-premises and service-based systems are available
  • Building and/or standardizing each client’s global business platform


Function/Operation Feature
NEC offers solutions for various manufacturing styles like engineering to order, making to order, making for stock and pull-type manufacturing. Global ERP, also covering maintenance areas, strengthens response power to the fast-changing global market and increases revenue by realizing stock reduction, cost saving, shortened lead time, quality management and traceability.
NEC offers various operation solutions which are established using our abundant knowhow. Building an information-sharing platform for global development, information leakage countermeasures, and improving QCDE*, NEC supports clients’ manufacturing comprehensively, including early launches of new products, and product planning reflecting global needs.
*Quality Cost Delivery Environment
IoT platform is provided, delivering superior connectivity for diverse products and offering a variety of services that can be expanded. NEC supports clients consistently from the business model perspective, service structure to operation. New value will be created within the business model over the entire product/service life cycle.
Electronics Design and Development Support
NEC offers a C-based high-level synthesis tool for ASIC and FPGA design that promises high productivity gains.
It also accelerates HW/SW co-design and minimizes problems.
As an EMI countermeasure for PCB, NEC provides EMI suppression support tools that will improve efficiency, significantly decrease time and cost spent on the PCB design process.

Case Studies

NEC Global Business Process and IT Innovation Project ≪Stage 3≫ (NEC unified PDM)


PLM Solution — Obbligato III
What will be the form of NEC's new development platform for turning out revolutionary products that triumph in the global marketplace?

NEC Global Business Process and IT Innovation Project ≪Stage 2≫


ERP Solution - IFS Applications / PLM Solution - Obbligato III
Strengthening global competitiveness through global SCM reform based on the standardization of business processes and systems

C.L.P Engineering Co.,LTD.


PLM Solution — Obbligato for SaaS in Thailand
NEC provides cloud service, Obbligato for SaaS, to auto part and machine tool manufacturer in Thailand.

Aderans Co.,Ltd.


ERP Solution — IFS Applications
NEC helps client enhance governance at overseas production sites by creating a globally standardized production management system

EXEDY Corporation


Automotive parts industry solutions
Reform core systems with the aim of becoming the " world champion of cost"
Drive management at all levels of the company, based on accurate data


May 26, 2015 – Press Release
NEC Launches New PLM Software Product Obbligato III R3.1

January 27, 2015 - Press Release
NEC provides cloud service, Obbligato for SaaS, to auto part and machine tool manufacturer in Thailand
- Optimization of local manufacturing practices -

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