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ERP Solution

IFS Applications

What is IFS Applications

A global ERP package covers accounting, purchasing, production, sales and maintenance, and especially reinforces production and maintenance management.
It is compatible with "PUSH" (MRP), "PULL"(Kanban replenishment), and  SEIBAN, meeting customer requirements corresponding to market fluctuations.

Overview of IFS Applications

IFS Applications is the component Oriented Package. You can apply the module "Step-By-Step" based on your own priority of the business.

NEC/IFS Global Support Formation

NEC & IFS provides the package support based on customer's condition.
We have various kinds of support formation depending on the customer and country conditions.

Global Support Structure under the leadership of Japanese Side

Our Local Company and Japanese HQ work in cooperation with each other.
We will coordinate the communication between locations and total arrangement.

Global Support Network with IFS

NEC and NEC local companies will support the customers with the IFS local companies in  over 50 countries in the world.

Figure: Global Support Network with IFS

Case Study

Aderans Co.,Ltd.

Photo: Aderans Co.,Ltd.

ERP Solution - IFS Applications

NEC helps client enhance governance at overseas production sites by creating a globally standardized production management system.

NEC Global Business Process and IT Innovation Project ≪Stage 2≫

ERP Solution - IFS Applications / PLM Solution - Obbligato III
Strengthening global competitiveness through global SCM reform based on the standardization of business processes and systems.

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