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CyberWorkBench Pioneering C-based LSI Design System LSI Design Environment to implement All-in-C Concept

CyberWorkBench is our C-based integrated environment for System LSI design. It has all the tools needed for efficient C-based design: a behavioral synthesizer, simulator, and formal verifier.


Introduction Video

CyberWorkBench Video

Click the image on the left to watch the product introduction video of CyberWorkBench.

CyberWorkBench Overview

All the tools listed in Fig. 1 work together in our integrated design environment, for easy synthesis, analysis and verification.

C-based Design Service

We also offer design house services to convert behavioral C descriptions into optimized synthesizable RTL code (Verilog or VHLD) for FPGAs or ASICs.

The advantages of our C-based design house services compared to traditional RTL based services are:
  •Lower cost.
  •Shorted design cycle due to the increase in design productivity of using C as an input language.
  •Generation of higher performance and/or smaller circuits compared to RTL designs because we
    use NEC’s proprietary High-Level Synthesis tool CyberWorkBench.

Some examples of successful projects include image compression algorithms (JPEG 2000 at 120 fps), image sharpening (e.g. denoising, HDR), encryption systems, communication circuits, CODECs, etc…
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