Smart Workspace

Take the first step of your digital transformation journey with NEC's Smart Workspace.
Redesign your business process and bring a whole new experience for your employees and customers.

NEC’s Smart Workspace Solution aims to help customers with their digital transformation journey to become stronger, resilient and adaptable to the upcoming future.

Redesign & Create, Your trusted workplace

Operate your space, drive efficiency, and support your employees, guests and visitors with safe, friendly and productive environments that are good for business and great for people. Smart Workspace brings advanced applications and real-time data together to provide automated, frictionless services that enables secure, seamless, safe working, a welcoming customer experience, and smooth interaction across office locations, campuses, hospitality & events centers, temporary facilities, home offices, and everywhere in between.

An efficient and secure welcome

NEC's solution enables efficient check-in for guests, ensuring safety and convenience. Our cutting-edge technology streamlines the process for staff, improving efficiency and productivity.
Based on our core solution, we can provide the following features:

  • Seamless integration with various systems and software, as well as collaboration with new services
  • Fine-tuning to match your unique process flow
  • Customized solution for your specific needs

Experience the future of work

Redefining the workplace experience with flexible location options these solutions leverage the power of data and AI to embed health and safety, flexibility, security, and privacy across physical and virtual work locations. Services are based on:

  • Office Space Optimization and Workplace Efficiency
  • Space planning, desk/meeting room and parking space reservation
  • Attendance and Occupancy monitoring and movement tracing
  • Monitoring and optimizing lighting, heating, and air quality

Safeguarding the workplace

Safeguarding the workspace for the well-being of employees and guests is vital in creating a relaxed, fertile ambiance that enhances experiences and stimulates best business outcomes. This is achieved through:

  • Plug-and-Play Video Security that is provided as a service
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of location data for enhanced decisions
  • Central dashboard offering access from anywhere in the world
  • Full cloud setup with web and smart app notifications
  • 24/7 recording with archiving capabilities

Design, Manage and Streamline

UNIVERGE Integration Platform (UIP) is intelligent software that allows you to easily and flexibly design workflows through simple Drag & Drop actions, interconnecting disparate systems, integrating applications, data, devices and services.

  • Connect at the physical level network devices, terminals and sensors
  • Interconnect any application/data source and enable complete API management – whether in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid environment
  • Let the intelligent graphic interface enable your teams to design customized workflows fully aligned with your business processes
  • Generate an event as trigger in real time or scheduled, resulting in multiple follow-up actions including commands to other systems
  • Empower your organization with a rich platform for further innovation and new services

Products availability may differ depending on the country/region