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NEC Group policy on the use of ChatGPT

April 27, 2023

NEC Corporation uses ChatGPT for internal operations, R&D and business activities in order to promote the efficiency and productivity of NEC Group employees, as well as to develop innovative human resources and to foster a dynamic corporate culture.

The use of ChatGPT is carried out as appropriate in the context of NEC's business activities and in consideration of the highest confidentiality, data protection and information security standards. NEC ensures the proper use of ChatGPT by continuously analyzing and evaluating changes in social conditions, monitoring the maintenance of ChatGPT in the NEC Group's dedicated environment, confirming the accuracy and authenticity of information being provided by ChatGPT, as well as the possibility of copyright and intellectual property right infringement. In addition, NEC is implementing internal training to improve employee literacy of chatbot applications.

As part of a business policy for incorporating ChatGPT into NEC products and services, and introducing it to customer systems, NEC has established an internal dedicated help desk that includes experts from its digital trust, legal affairs, AI solutions and other business divisions. NEC will continue to participate in Generative AI dialog among industry, governments and academia as well as comply with any and all regulations that emerge in the areas that it operates.

NEC's "Purpose" is to create the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency, and to promote a sustainable society in which everyone can fully demonstrate their potential. Going forward, NEC will further accelerate corporate transformation through the use of advanced technologies and the provision of new value to customers by utilizing the various know-how it has acquired through real-world business practices.

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