Front Desk Assistant

Now with three registration modes: Facial, QR code & In-person Preregstration available for touch-free access

An All-In-One Screening Process

NEC's Front Desk Assistant is an Android™-based tablet application that provides organizations with a powerful facility access tool.

With Front Desk Assistant, site access management becomes fully automated, completely transparent and totally contactless with a choice of preregistration modes. Touch-free facility access includes QR codes and NEC's award-winning facial recognition. With the ability to also monitor on a site's occupancy rate and screen for incidents of elevated body temperature, Front Desk Assistant is the ideal solution for organizations with employees returning to the workplace that are committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting the health and welfare of employees and visitors.

Front Desk Assistant Offers

  • A one-time investment with an optional software assurance program for ongoing support and feature upgrades
  • Preregister QR access codes for visitor, employees and others. Visitor codes valid for a single visit while employee and others can be set to never expire for touch-free single and repeat site visits
  • Thermal screening that contactlessly identifies and notifies via text or email incidents of elevated body temperature - an essential option
  • A programmable occupancy counter that alerts when maximum occupant levels are reached.
  • An easy-to-read dashboard to display real-time occupancy levels
  • Retrievable data logs for access management, visitor verification, occupant rates and visit durations and frequencies

The Registration Process

When bundled with an Android tablet, NEC's Android-based desktop telephone, standard Android tablet or thermal Android tablet and a badge printer, the easy-to-use interface Smart Invite guides users to self-register or be preregistered through simple step-by-step prompts. Profiles are captured with an individual's photograph or QR code request. Email distributions include preregister confirmations and automatic notifications of visitor arrivals. When the time comes to leave, options include stopping at Front Desk Assistant to physically check-out or if preferred Front Desk Assistance can be programmed for visitor and others automatic check-out.

The Front Desk Assistant can include

  • The Front Desk Assistant application software for multiple entry/exit points. A GT890 desktop phone or an Android tablet or an Android tablet with thermal functionality
  • Facial recognition software and QR codes
  • A badge printer for customizable badges complete with company logo
  • Explore the impact that NEC's Front Desk Assistant can have organizations by viewing this informative video

Repetitive Authentication

NEC's Front Desk Assistant can effortlessly streamline the management of repeat visitors, including visitors, guests and employees.

With a person's consent, their biometric data can be stored. On return visits, the Front Desk Assistant can check against an existing facial recognition database. If a match is found, the saved information will be auto-populated to check the individual in and get them on their way quickly.

Proactive Paperwork

Should a visit require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or other documents such as safety protocols or building location, the Front Desk Assistant can manage this automatically.

Customizable documents can be made part of the preregistration process, averting the chance of being overlooked or taking up important meeting time.


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