Smart Access

Provide efficient, seamless entry for employees & visitors

Transform your employee and visitor experience

In a world where providing convenient and safe experiences is increasingly important, digital technologies and integrated applications can provide employees, visitors, and guests with efficient, speedy, and welcoming access to offices, event centers, campuses, hotel premises, and the likes.

Easy to use self-service

Smart Access provides an easy-to-use, automated, private and touch-free self-service that guides employees, visitor or guests through the check in/check out process normally provided at a reception desk.

A person’s identity is verified, reservation information is retrieved and an entry badge and information supporting a person’s stay are automatically issued. Hosts are automatically informed their guests have arrived.

Smart Access not only transforms the visitor experience and enhances staff and employee efficiency, it also reduces waiting times and boosts safety and security.

A warm welcome

Smart Access is a welcoming experience for all those that enter a business

  • Touchless or touch modes that are intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Prints visitor badges with customized company logo
  • Informs hosts automatically upon a visitor’s arrival

Safe & Secure

Smart Access restricts access to those who are pre-registered and ensures a company’s health and regulatory policies are adhered to

  • Visitors can be sent an email to preregister and sign off on customizable policies
  • Integrated thermal scanning option scans visitors for elevated body temperature
  • Preregistration includes QR Code Recognition resulting in a touchless check in experience
  • Email/SMS notifications for registrations, check ins & outs, abnormal temperature scans, and defined capacity limits reached

Boosts Efficiency

  • Preregistration speeds up check in/out process
  • Dashboard access to view all current and remaining check in capacity limits per specified location
  • Detailed reports that include check in/out times, and signed agreements when applicable
  • Available from Google Play® for Android tablets and from the NEC Application store


Products availability may differ depending on the country/region