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A Prudent Investment
By combining essential front office functions with advanced communications, InHotel from NEC delivers a service-oriented environment that promotes premises-based efficiencies that streamline administrative and phone-related tasks to improve the hotel experience.

With InHotel, the systems and information essential to running a hotel become simpler to access, understand and act on.

InHotel offers
  • Real-time color-coded calendar views of room reservations and availability
  • Quick-find filters for fast retrieval of property and guest information
  • Guest profiling for personalized service across the property
  • Centralized invoicing of room and amenity charges
  • Easy customization of room rates
  • Browser-based around-the-clock system availability
  • Chrome and Firefox compatibility for convenient accessibility
  • Simultaneous use by staff and premises facilities

Our SMB Communications Platform


To assist in maintaining a positive customer experience and a high level of service


Making dynamic communications a reality at smaller organization


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