InDECT and InAlert

Cost-effective and Easy to Deploy On-site Mobility
InDECT is an InApp that integrates IP DECT to SV9100/SL2100. InDECT offers for easy installation, deployment and maintenance of a small scale IP DECT system with no additional IT servers required.

InAlert is an integrated DECT messaging application for SV9100/SL2100. InAlert offers a feature rich web interface and GUI to handle a full set of alert messaging features with no additional IT servers required.

InDECT offers
  • Proven and reliable: Business Mobility IP DECT builds on proven and mature technology
  • Cost effective: NEC IP DECT is very attractively priced with a simple low cost system license
  • Integrated: InDECT is fully integrated in NEC’s UNIVERGE SV9100 and SL2100 communication servers. No separate IT servers needed
  • Easy install, deployment and management: the web browser-based application minimises installation effort by retrieving PBX settings like regional settings, tone plan, SIP settings etc
  • Rich functionality: NEC InDECT provides all the richness of sophisticated wireless communications

InAlert Offers
  • Proven and reliable: NEC’s IP DECT builds on proven and mature technology
  • Immediate response when needed: Staff members will be effectively informed wherever they are in the building
  • All integrated: InAlert does not require any additional equipment, just adds to the existing InDECT configuration
  • Browser interface: An easy to use browser interface to enter the message, send to various groups and to retrieve logging information
  • Choice in DECT handsets: NEC provides a range of DECT handsets capable of text messaging and offering an SOS key, pull cord or man-down detection

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