PMS InConnect

Easy & Cost-effective integration of your hotel's phones and PMS
NEC’s PMS-InConnect is a suite of InApps which help create a seamless experience for your hotel’s guests and staff.
Connecting your communications with some of the most widely used Property Management Solutions, including Opera and Hotsoft, you get complete integration without the need for costly middleware.

PMS InConnect Offers
Using PMS-InConnect as the building block – PMS-InConnect allows microsFidelio Opera, Hotsoft8 connection – a range of ‘always-on’, built-in InApps which run on NEC’s SV9100 and SL2100 communication platforms 24/7. Ideal for a wide range of hotels, PMS-InConnect accommodates for hotels from 5 to 500 rooms.

  • Benefits for your hotel include:
  • Save on Costly Hotel Middleware – Eliminate the costs of middleware installation, hardware, software & maintenance (these can cost you potentially more than a new phone system)
  • Seamless Integration with your PMS – Connects directly, works instantly
  • Easier Guest Billing – Helps create fast, accurate bills on check-out
  • Faster Check-in & Check-out – More admin tasks are automated to streamline your guest experience
  • Smarter Hotel Management – Increase the efficiency of your operations and teams for a more profitable hotel

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