Emergency Conference
Initiation (ECI)

Secure communication for decision making in an immediate response situations

Corresponding to Incidents with No Hassle

When potential emergency circumstances such as fire, unexpected incidents, or natural disasters arise, members in an organization are required to take necessary actions to minimize damages. NEC’s Emergency Conference Initiation (ECI) establishes reliable broadcast audio conferencing which helps immediate decision making in an emergency state. ECI allows organizations to execute simple and streamline operations reaching select group of people quickly.

Simple and Secure

ECI solution is provided by integrating SV9500, NEC Meeting Center (NMC), and UNIVERGE Integration Platform (UIP). It initiates an emergency broadcast audio conferencing either with a single press of a speed-dial key or by picking up the designated telephone handset on a master phone.

When an emergency call is activated, it reaches to a pre-determined group of phones and pull them into an audio conference immediately.

ECI disconnects any ongoing active calls and force them to join the conference to make critical decisions.


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