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Bringing technologies together for a truly collaborative experience

3C Features: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate

UNIVERGE 3C meets the most stringent security and interoperability requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).
Smart Directory view of all contacts, their phone numbers and their availability within the enterprise.
Rich Presence allows to identify users’ availability based on phone status as well as calendar information and contact them on their preferred device.
Single Number/Mailbox enables a single phone number for multiple devices like smartphone and desktop terminal to distribute to all contacts and combine mobile and office phone messages into a single mailbox.

MS Office Outlook® Integration synchronizes meeting calendars and contact groups.
Instant Messaging/Chat provides a less-intrusive alternative to phone or video.
Customized IVR enables callers to retrieve information automatically.
Automated Attendant provides 24x7 call routing including speech interface or DTMF.
Interactive Call Screening is a virtual personal assistant, which announces a caller and lets users choose to accept, acknowledge or transfer the call.
Softphone functionality allows employees to use their computers or mobile devices to initiate/receive/forward calls.

Audio Conferencing enables users to set-up multi-party conferences quickly.
Desktop Video Conferencing allows users to easily set up video conferences.
Collaboration includes multiple-party video display, presentation/file sharing, white-boarding and remote controls.
Call Recording can be done on-demand or using preset automation.
Contact Center and Operator Attendant guides callers, webchats and emails to the best suited employee, reducing waiting time and improving staff motivation.