Unified Communications

Elegantly designed, Feature-Packed and an intuitive interface that improves the user experience

IP Phones
NEC has introduced desktop phones to facilitate smarter work environments.
With these innovative IP desktop phones, you can improve productivity through applications support and personalization of each phone.
NEC offers a wide assortment of phones that best fits the individual role within your organization.

Products availability may differ depending on the country/region

Digital Phones
Helping employees to be even more efficient. Connect your team with crystal-clear communication using our next generation of Desktop Digital phones. With sport innovative design and delivery of maximum deployment flexibility and a wide range of choices that fit all business requirements.

Analog Phones
With a choice of two models and two color options, the AT-55 / AT-50 analog caller ID phones are fresh alternatives to the dated corded single line phone and ideal for common areas that require basic yet unrestricted access to reliable phone service.

The modern workforce is no longer chained to its desk or its communication solution.
Your employees need to be mobile and equipped to work from virtually anywhere. And with NEC, they are.