Connecting Possibilities

NEC’s Smart Communications

With our UC solutions, tools, collaboration, conferencing and messaging all become more immediate and flexible. Whether accessing a critical application, connecting with a colleague or determining how best to contact someone our technology enables seamless workplace communications.

Industry Solutions

  • Elevated Experience

    Empowering smaller sized businesses with our communications platforms. Supporting your team’s hybrid workstyle efficiently.

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  • Efficient Operation

    Communicate more effectively regardless of the physical location, leading to smoother operation and better decision making.

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  • School Safety

    Enhance safe and secure learning environment for students and educators with NEC’s total education solution.

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  • Enhance Patient Care

    Efficient communications between doctors and staff members, leading to enhanced quality of patient care.

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  • Perfecting the CX

    Simplifying the guests‘ check-in and check-out experience. Simple integration with hotel PMS for a streamlined operation.

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NEC's Communications Platforms

With NEC's range of communications systems designed especially for small and midsize organizations, enterprises poised for growth can ensure that their employees have the tools and functionality to communicate where, when and how they need to. With our communications solutions businesses can decide on the most effective and cost-efficient way for employees to communicate.

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