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Your Smart Workspace
Today and Tomorrow

Businesses around the world are starting to think about the best way forward for their workers. Providing multiple ways to structure work communication and hours as well as physical presence.
Your workspace will survive but it will look different. To adapt to this change, businesses needs to provide the flexibility of communication tools even more.

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Forward with Hybrid Workstyle

NEC brings together a complete set of expertise and technology to help Businesses realize a workspace vision for all kinds of workers - from general collaboration, to specialized knowledge work and skilled field work. Maximize employee productivity and organizational resilience by enabling secure, seamless and safe working across physical locations, remote offices and everywhere in between.

Getting the word out

When an announcement needs to go out about situation or event, you need a quick and reliable method to send notifications out. It needs to be simple to use, have the ability to communicate via different channels and be a system that can be accessed from anywhere.

NEC Meeting Center(NMC) is a suite of applications including Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration, Emergency Dial-out Conferencing and Mass Notification to get the word out. NMC fits in to education, health care industry, retail business and more.

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Service in a tap

In your daily work, so many application are used with various devices. Your day can be more simple, if all can be done in just one device.

Using the Customizable Home Screen(CHS) app work management is simple! CHS app works on GT890 desktop Android phone provides users maximum productivity, such as Access URL, Speed Dial, Launch app, and Reservation Management in one tap! It can also be customized to meet your market needs such as restaurants, hotel and offices.

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Safe & Secure Access

These days transforming the visitor experience and enhances staff and employee efficiency is more important than ever. Which also leads to reducing waiting times and boosts safety and security.

NEC's Front Desk Assistant(FDA) is an Android based tablet application that provides organizations with a powerful facility access tool. With FDA, site access management becomes fully automated, completely transparent and totally contactless with a choice of preregistration modes.

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Flexible Choice

Choose how you want to communicate using any preferred device. Make your smartphone your business phone!

NEC’s Video+Audio+Mobility (VAM) solution is a way to overcome common communication challenges faced by small and medium businesses. Our remote working solutions supports manufacturing, contact center and other general businesses.

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