NEC’s Video+Audio+Mobility (VAM) solution
Wacoal Lanka

Wacoal Lanka (Private) Limited was established in 2008, producing undergarments to overseas markets. From a humble beginning, it now has 29 production lines with 750 machine operators in Sri Lanka. Wacoal Lanka belongs to Wacoal Group, which is a major manufacturer of textile goods located in Japan.

The company specializes in manufacturing undergarments for the European and North American markets. The products are made in Sri Lanka and exported to countries in the two continents.
Being a global company, NEC's Mobility Solution supports to increase work efficiency of communication among employees.


There were two challenges that Wacoal Lanka had to overcome in the early days. First, the management team had to cut down the cost of operations such as travelling abroad all the time and making expensive roaming calls back to the office. Second, there were frequent missed calls due to the constraint of office mobility.


The company requested a solution to overcome these challenges to Fentons Limited, an Authorized IP-PBX Partner of NEC who has been selling NEC products for many years. Fentons Limited proposed the NEC Video+Audio+Mobility (VAM) solution.

  • UNIVERGE ST500 Mobile Client
  • UNIVERGE BX500 Session Boarder Controller

Ever since the company implemented the NEC VAM solution in 2019, the management no longer suffers from the challenges mentioned.

Wacoal Lanka chose the NEC VAM solution because NEC is one of the top five trusted brands in Sri Lanka. Moreover, Fentons Limited has a track record of being a reliable authorized partner of NEC. Not the least important is the fact that one of the Sri Lanka’s telecommunication service providers is providing NEC terminals to the subscribers. So, NEC was the perfect choice.

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The NEC VAM solution has been successfully deployed enabling the top management to work efficiently with less operation cost. “Now I can easily communicate with my colleagues in Sri Lanka by using the NEC’s ST500 Mobile Client even when traveling to exhibitions in France,” says Mr. Indika Gunathilaka, the Operations Manager of Wacoal Lanka, who goes on business trips frequently to foreign countries. “The application performance is very good and the voice quality is great,” he adds.

The ST500 is a softphone (available in Android and iOS) that allows users to make and receive voice calls from virtually anywhere, beyond the boundary of the office desk. The seamless connectivity has empowered the management to monitor the daily factory’s business operations on the go. Besides minimizing the missed calls, management are always reachable as their office internal extension number is linked to their mobile phone despite being away from the office desk. Basically, the solution has greatly improved the efficiency of communication among the employees enabling excellent collaboration between the staff, thus resulting in tremendous progress and productivity.

Where safeguarding the company’s information is concerned, the solution prevents the employees from using free communication applications, whose security could be at risk of theft or unauthorized access.

In the long-term plan, the company also intends to extend the usage of the VAM solution to the factory workers and production floor. The company is considering implementing the ST500 video call feature that can be used as visual aids. For example, with the help of the video call feature, a machine operator can receive engineering assistance visually for a better view of information as and when needed. This feature is already included in the VAM solution that is being used now and it is just a matter of turning it on without any additional add-ons.

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Type of business Manufacture of textile goods
Established 2008
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