NEC's Seamless Communication SolutionBizLink Technology (S.E.A.) Sdn. Bhd.

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NEC's seamless communication solution across both of BizLink’s manufacturing plants

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BizLink is a global interconnect solution supplier with manufacturing plants in the US, Mexico, China, Malaysia, and Europe.

BizLink Technology (S.E.A.) Sdn. Bhd., located in Penang, Malaysia has been using NEC's communications platform since they started as a small factory six years ago. The scalable platform has met their needs until today when they have grown to over 1,000 employees in two manufacturing plants in Malaysia.


With the opening of their new manufacturing plant in early 2023, the BizLink team needed a system that could seamlessly connect both plants. The new plant does not have a dedicated receptionist, so they also required a self-service solution for visitors to reach out to the back office.


BizLink, which already understood NEC's communications expertise, decided to opt for NEC once again when they underwent expansion.

To do this, NEC's state-of-the-art UNIVERGE communications platform was put to the task. The communications platforms were efficiently linked by AspireNet and allowed users to manage from both plants on a unified system.

Supporting the reception feature was NEC's IP Desktop Phone with guest management app and ST500 Mobile Client App, allowing visitors to call employees extensions from the reception's directory. The project was supported by NEC's Authorized Partner, TC Office Solutions, who has been supporting BizLink since they started using NEC's communications platform.

・NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 Full IP Solution with AspireNet, Netlink and SIP Trunking
・IP Desktop Phone
・Guest management App
・ST500 Mobile Client App


With NEC's Full IP Solution UNIVERGE SV9100 installed in both plants, BizLink achieved the following benefits:

- Increased productivity and communications with the upgraded communications platform.
- Visitors can call employee extensions directly by looking up the directory at the reception, even when there is no one to assist them. This frees up the receptionist's time to focus on other tasks.
- The solution is scalable and can be further developed and adapted as BizLink's needs evolve, without needing to replace the entire system.

As BizLink continues to grow and expand, NEC has provided them with a reliable communications platform that can adapt to their changing needs. The partnership with a dependable authorized partner like TC Office Solutions has ensured that they have access to excellent support and resources to optimize their system's performance.
Overall, NEC's solution has played an essential role in driving productivity, improving communications, and enhancing the visitor experience at BizLink's manufacturing plants.


BizLink has been using NEC's SL2100 in the first plant and they were satisfied with the performance and reliability of the system. TC Office Solutions has a track record of being a reliable authorized partner of NEC. When it comes to expansion of the business, NEC is their first choice.

Mr. SL Chan, Project Director of TC Office Solution, mentioned that "NEC consistently demonstrates their expertise in developing and implementing innovative technology, helping us to meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Their dedication to the quality of their solutions is evident in every interaction we have with them. We are proud to partner with NEC and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration."

BizLink's investment is protected with the scalability of UNIVERGE SV9100 for any future expansion. The solution can be scaled and further developed and adapted as the client's needs evolve. Also, NEC was able to meet the client's request of guest management by proposing NEC's app for simple and efficient operation.

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