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How multiple BOMs support your manufacturing?

This is an example of the relationship of multiple BOMs between business applications to support the manufacturing. In this case, three types of BOMs are used. E-BOM supports the product designing by representing the unit and parts which configure a product. M-BOM also supports the manufacturing by considering manufacturing process and ordering information. In addition, service BOM supports the product maintenance by listing the parts required for regular support and replacement.

These type of BOMs are useful, however in most of the cases each department such as design, manufacturing, maintenance creates and manages BOM individually by use of their business applications, which may cause the inconsistency issues with respect to the information used between these departments. Therefore, In order to resolve such inconsistency issues, it becomes necessary to integrate and manage these BOMs centrally.

We will explain how to work the value of an expansive view of BOMs in a business function or an organization in the next column.