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A suite of cutting-edge technologies for IoT systems

NEC the WISE IoT Platform

Small and prompt start of a new business idea is a key to be successful in the AI/IoT era. NEC provides "NEC the WISE IoT Platform" and "NEC Flexible Business Infrastructure."

NEC the WISE IoT Platform is a suite of functions for IoT systems based on NEC's cutting-edge AI technologies 'NEC the WISE.'

Important Points of Digital Business in the IoT Era

NEC has vast experience with IoT projects. Five important points of digital business are summarized in Diagram 1.

Larger view(Diagram 1:Important Points of Digital Business in IoT Era)

NEC Flexible Business Infrastructure

Businesses and society needs to be flexible to be responsive to the ever-changing business environment.
NEC Flexible Business Infrastructure consists of consulting services and co-creation programs to meet any business needs, and of NEC's IoT platform 'NEC the WISE IoT Platform' based on NEC's cutting-edge AI technologies 'NEC the WISE' to meet technical needs.

Larger view(Diagram 2:NEC Flexible Business Infrastructure)

NEC the WISE IoT Platform

NEC the WISE IoT Platform is based on the five layer IoT model (*1) announced last year and has an architecture which allows you to easily use NEC's cutting-age AI technologies "NEC the WISE."

The main characteristics of "NEC the WISE IoT Platform" are as follows.

  1. Highly efficient data collection platform and cutting-edge AI technologies
    An IoT data collection platform will efficiently collect data from various sensors and devices. The data, collected in various formats, will be analyzed and visualized by the AI engine of NEC's cutting-edge AI technologies "NEC the WISE". AI makes it possible to collect and process data efficiently at high speed.
  2. A building block structure that enables seamless system construction and transition from testing to production
    This simple architecture can flexibly adapt to additions or changes to the system in line with the customer's business growth, whether they are starting small or scaling out. The IoT system provides the functions as building blocks (software, AI engine, services, API, etc.). These blocks can be freely chosen to meet your needs and placed in layers L1, L3, or L5. It is also possible to link with services over multiple platforms such as a partner cloud.
  3. Secure and robust system construction
    NEC can implement a highly robust system by applying our experience in mission critical system construction that we have cultivated over many years to IoT systems. NEC securely coordinates the entire system from L1 to L5 and provides cyber security measures, including vulnerability manerament and measures against malware. We also provide a secure environment for partner companies that develop equipment connected to the IoT system.
  • (*1)IoT Five Layer Architecture Model
    NEC believes that five layer IoT architecture can cover almost all of customer needs.

Larger view(Diagram 3:Five Layer IoT Architecture Model)

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