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Enhance Security with NEC's Hotel Face Recognition Solution

Powered by NeoFace® Watch

Why Face Recognition Is Necessary for Hotels

Hotels see many people come and go.
To provide services tailored to each guest, guests must be quickly identified.
On the other hand, for guests to be able to relax and enjoy their stay, undesirable guests must be identified and handled firmly and appropriately, which might even include contacting the authorities in extreme cases.
NEC’s face recognition solution provides hotels with the ideal means to achieve both these goals.

Alerting Hotel Staff to VIPs & Undesirable Guests

NeoFace®  Watch uses cameras installed in and around the hotel to recognize the faces of guests, check registered guest information, identify VIPs and undesirable guests, and alert the hotel staff.
Alerting staff to the arrival of a VIP before they check in allows the hotel staff to implement smoother and more appropriate check-in procedures. Similarly, advanced notice of the arrival an undesirable guest with a history of troublemaking or violence gives staff time to take adequate measures.

Coordinate with NEHOPS for Added Convenience

Coordinating NeoFace®  Watch with the CRM database of NEHOPS allows information for face recognition to be registered from a NEHOPS menu.
When a guest is identified, an alert is displayed on the NEHOPS screen where detailed information about the guest can be checked.
Alerts can be issued without interfering with NEHOPS check-in procedures and other operations.

Employing NEC’s World-Beating Algorithm

NEC’s face recognition algorithm has consistently won first place in contests held by NIST*1 (MBGC, MBE, FRVT*2)—our recognition technologies are the best in the world.

  • *1: National Institute of Standards and Technology
2009 Multiple Biometrics Challenge (MBGC)
2010 Multiple Biometrics Evaluation –STILL (MBE)
2013 Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT)
2017 Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT)

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