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Smart Hospitality

Enhancing your guest journey

NEC’s Smart Hospitality Vision

As Technology has become the Catalyst and prime Condition for success in the International Hospitality and Leisure Industry, NEC Smart Hospitality will be the Global change agent and value driver, transforming both the guest experience, as well as the operational deliverables, of extremely successful Hospitality and Leisure organizations.


Smart Check-In for Hotel

Smart Check-In is a software solution that delivers a favorable first and last impression by allowing guests to effortlessly self-manage checking into and out of a property.

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Supporting the various journeys in hospitality

Planning & Booking

More interactive experience after planning and booking, as hotel would prefer to have a closer guest relationship that leverages better communications and modern technology.


Check-in Process transitioned to a Welcoming Process. Integrated digital automated process with full travel experience Provide a welcoming experience for guests upon arrival – First Impression! Reduce queuing and waiting, Improved Guest Experiences – No more waiting in lines.


Many activities are available during a stay - Guest room, pool, gym, restaurant, lounge, spa, etc. Most guests expect an enhanced experience. Key is, what and how to provide a better Guest experience.

Departure & Post stay

Check-out process transformed into a “Next Time”, because the last experience will be remembered in the future. Provides a smooth and appropriate relationship with the customer based on Communication technology.


Guest requests can be automatically responded to by the right staff to respond in a timely manner by connecting guest room technology with hotel back-end systems. Automating requests, tasks and experiences helps increase guest satisfaction by responding quicker while also reducing costs to deliver a higher quality service.


Each guest expects a personal and unique experience, and technology enables the hotel to deliver a personalized experience to meet the guest’s expectations and preferences. Integration into guest profile databases with communication technology supports the hotel and staff to deliver a personalized experience.


With NEC's UNIVERGE Integration Platform, essential information related to effectively running a hotel becomes easier to access and use so staff members can work smarter and customers can experience a memorable stay by helping to: Real-time reservation views and quick-find filters allow bookings, chargeable expenses and guest information to be retrieved quickly. Customized controls ensure calls are restricted as needed and invoiced appropriately where and when required.

Safety & Security

Capture Documents and validate for country regulations Guest ID authenticated through AI and Passport/ID scanner. Ensuring the safety of visitors is an essential component in delivering a superior guest experience. Making sure that a traveler feels secure throughout the duration of their stay not only protects guest loyalty and a brand's reputation but also helps build repeat bookings and even organic referrals.


A suitable solution for every hotel

NEC is able to address each specific brand and hotel type with a specific property management system platform and solution set - from small to big in size, form basic to very advanced in functionality and installed & support anywhere across the globe.

NEC’s Communications and IT solutions help the hospitality industry control costs, improve staff efficiency and create an environment that makes guests want to return. Together with our specialized partners we offer a complete portfolio of solutions and NEC hotel management services to address the needs of the hospitality industry.


BYOD for Guests

NEC’s hospitality infrastructure brings a new level in services by allowing guests to remain connected to their mobile devices through the duration of their stay. The guest experience becomes enhanced by helping to:

Intuitively Adapt
On-premise tools, menus and functionality become easily accessible using guests’ own device conveniently with no learning curve needed.

Strengthen Reputation
Permitting guests to use their own device while maintaining on-site tools and apps demonstrator the establishments commitment to service and innovative to harden brand perspective.

No Missed Opportunities
By enabling guests to have the same information on their personal device as on internal device increases the chance of continued use of in-site offerings.

Staff Mobility

With NEC’s mobile solutions staff members are more easily reached and activities prioritized. Our mobile solutions also provide access to apps and information needed the most to help to:

Increase Accessibility
With whenever and wherever voice and messaging locations barriers are remove and ease of access becomes possible.

Judicious Oversight
With access to necessary tools when on the go handling guest requests and managing on-site amenities become straightforward and thorough.

Better Corroboration
Expanded connectivity encourages a workforce to collaborate, conference and communication more regularly for improved coordination.

Favorable Attentiveness
Access to mission-critical apps and information provides the information needed so public-facing personnel can focus on the customer to become better brand advocates.

Guest Communications

Smarter Welcoming
Easier and broader access to pertinent information enables attentive service that cultivates guest satisfaction. Streamlined and coordinated messaging permits smarter and more proficient support of high-end guest care.

Manage the Response
Using quick response codes on mobile devices enhance and make guest and employee access simple to manage.

Easy Operation
Intuitive, easy-to-use automated interface that walks the guest through the check-in / check-out process, and Guest can choose language of choice for easy instruction. Seamlessly checks guest out, providing the guest with a detailed bill through print, email or SMS


PMS Connectivity

With NEC’s open interface, property management systems (PMS) can be improved to support advanced messaging services for responsive high-end guest care. Our PMS solution streamlines and coordinates communication messaging so employees can work smarter and customers experience a memorable stay, by helping to:

Improve Service
Essential front and back office functions become more accessible and easier to use to speed staff response time and helpfulness.

Broaden Reach
Configuration capacity extends across single or multi-property operations to capitalize on and maintain consistent guest experiences.

Consequential Insight
When paired with NEC’s communications services, functions such as wake-up calls, room availability, maid status and VIP registration become accessible and easily managed.

Device Agility
Phones and handsets can be tailored to best suit staff role and responsibilities for increased satisfaction and greater productivity.

Voicemail & Wakeup

With NEC’s hospitality messaging solutions guests can take control and personalize service to meet their expectations. Setup is as easy as responding to a series of yes or no questions and helps to:

Customize Greetings
A choice of language options, guests can set and incoming callers can hear , when prompted to leave a message.

Self Administrated
Calls, messages and even wake-up calls can be conveniently managed and controlled by guests through intuitive prompts to ensure needs and expectations are set.

Answer Questions
Guest information lines automatically answer routine questions without delay while lessening the potential of inaccurate information being shared 24 hours a day 362 days a year.

Go Direct
Removing the need to direct incoming callers through operators, potential bottlenecks and potential caller frustration is avoided with callers reach guests directly.


Wireless Accessibility
NEC’s on-site wireless voice, data and messaging solutions offer the easy management of a single converged network and easily integration and multi-site configuration for maximum flexibility and adaptability.

Maximize Efficiency
With consolidated disparate paging, telephone, scanning, two-way radios, intercom, conferencing and location tags connecting and staff collaboration becomes easy.

Environmentally Agile
Advanced noise suppression technology permits operation in loud environments so a call is never missed.

Designed for Use
Rugged design ensures functionality even among varied conditions or unintentional drops for continued performance.

Operator & Guest reservation

With NEC’s state-of-the-art operator and guest reservation solutions, hospitality staff can streamline the guest experience by enhancing the services delivered in a prompt, courteous and personalized manner. Our operator and reservation solutions ensure the maximum level of personal interaction by helping to:

Tailor responses
Call queues trigger caller intelligence to ensure fast and appropriate guest handling.

Increase satisfaction
Real-time profiling enhances the guest experience through customized and seemingly effortless assistance.

Heighten Response
Single point of contact of incoming calls promotes faster response time to strengthen brand reputation.

Staffing Efficiencies
Skill-based routing decreases the workload of receptionists allowing for an attentive front desk experience.

Alarming & Mobility

NEC’s communications solutions elevate responsiveness with interfaces and alarms configurations that notify and permit action when time is of the essence. Device and text-based message compatibility enhanced reach and immediacy by helping to:

Group Messaging
Voice and text messages can be distributed to a large number of mobility users with relative easy.

Automate Recordings
When needed conference calls can be automatically established and recorded for future use and examination.

Escalation Prompts
Should an emergency occur a central alert notifies appropriate personnel across various medians such as voice, text and email to promote awareness.

Target In
Location configurations made possible precise placement to locate staff and send support assistance where and as needed.


IT & Communications Infrastructure

With NEC’s communications servers and applications easy of use and rich functionality makes for more satisfied staff members and guests. Advanced communication capabilities better meets guest expectations to increase overall service satisfaction by helping to:

Respond Faster
Secure availability of files and data where and when needed keeps the focus on serving guests and not the information required.

Tailor Adaptability
The flexibility to readily customize infrastructure from basic to advance feature and anything in between ensure a system perfectly suited to an establishment’s particular requirements.

Streamlined Handling
Centralized management systems permit easy and convenience handling of day-to-day tasks all from a single point of entry.

Ready Availability
Converged environments of voice and data applications provide reliable service 24/7 and all year long for content and consistent guest experiences.

Virtualization & Hosted Delivery

With NEC’s cloud-based communication services, a range of comprehensive virtualization and consolidation solutions become possible while bring cost efficiency and agility to an hotelier IT infrastructure. This flexible deployment method helps to:

Lower Overhead Costs
Maintenance and upgrades become a thing of the past while pay-to-grow planning aligns services and solutions to actual need.

Ongoing Relevance
Fast provisioning of applications, features and service provide a level of agility for top tier guest experiences.

Unparalleled Infrastructure
A robust suite of cloud solutions provides high available and cost efficient alternatives in scale and scope to meet rapidly evolving guest and property requirements.

Ongoing Continuity
The highest level of security and performance becomes possible with award-winning technologies that offer redundancy and recovery protections and issue resolution.


NEC's Unified Communications

With NEC’s Unified Communications, user experience becomes more immediate and flexible with collaboration, conferencing, messaging, and more.
Connecting with colleagues, providing excellent services to customers, or decision making for business continuity, NEC offers seamless communications to any company size.
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Products availability may differ depending on the country/region