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NEC's Digital Signage for Hotels

Hotel Touch Signage

Signage System Ideal for Hotels

Hotel Touch Signage is a signage system that displays floor information, restaurant information, and other information for guests on touch screen panels installed in the lobby or hotel entrance. This system plays the role of a concierge, allowing guests to find the information they need simply by touching the panel. Guests can select their language of choice from up to five signage display languages, which can be configured by the hotel according to the country or region where the hotel is situated.
Templates allow information display to be optimized to the hotel’s environment and hotel staff can easily edit information to match their own hotel content.

Register and Update Information in Only Three Steps

Hotel Touch Signage consists of Signage Player for guests and Signage CMS that can be used by staff. Information is registered on the Signage CMS.

Five templates—floor information, restaurant information, event information, area maps, and chain hotel information—are registered on the Signage CMS in advance, using a standard design and layout. Information can be registered and updated simply by 1. selecting images (photos); 2. entering text; and 3. distributing the information.

Example: Restaurant information
Step 1: Select photos of restaurants and dishes
Step 2: Input information such as restaurant name, restaurant hours, floor, dish categories, etc.
Step 3: Distribute

Coordinate with NEHOPS for Added Convenience

Coordinating Hotel Touch Signage with the NEHOPS Banquet system allows banquet information to be registered, distributed, and displayed quickly and effectively. The banquet information (CSV) provided by NEHOPS can be imported to the Signage CMS as event information, eliminating the need to register event information one item at a time. Information imported from NEHOPS can also be edited on the Signage CMS.

Example: Wedding party
Step 1: Import data from NEHOPS
Step 2: Check the content
Step 3: Register to CMS

Events in progress and events that are about to start are displayed near the top, and previous and next events can be seen by sliding the screen up and down.

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