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NEC Smart Hospitality Solutions

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Streamlined workflow.
Higher customer satisfaction.


NEC Smart Hospitality Solutions provide hoteliers with an IT platform for delivering authentic, optimized services that allow each guest to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant hotel stay, basking in the warmth of hospitality.
From operations critical to the running of the hotel to the provision of new guest services, NEC Smart Hospitality Solutions cover all the bases to reduce IT operation loads and allow hotel staff to concentrate on providing guests with better service.
These solutions promote business growth by enhancing operational efficiency, improving service provision, and speeding up management, while at the same time reducing costs.

Figure:From the front desk to the guest room, ICT is at the heart of hotel hospitality.

Benefits of NEC’s Solutions

NEC provides both the property management system (PMS) and telephony system (PABX: private automatic branch exchange) that are critical to hotel operations. NEC’s PMS and PABX leverage our more than 40 years of experience in providing IT solutions for the hotel industry, and enjoy a well-deserved reputation throughout the world.
NEC has an excellent track record of delivering advanced ICT solutions and services to customers in many different industries.
Using this experience, NEC has created high value-added solutions that will allow hoteliers to provide higher quality services and enhance operational efficiency through cutting-edge ICT such as digital signage, face recognition.

From proposal to installation and maintenance, NEC provides one-stop solutions to your hotel operation needs.

NEC's Hospitality Solution Lineup

At the core of NEC’s Hospitality Solutions are our telephony system (PABX) already used in many hotels chains across the globe and our hotel PMS NEHOPS that enables world-class services to be delivered with sophisticated hospitality. The lineup also includes a wide variety of hospitality solutions that feature cutting-edge technologies such as digital signage, face recognition.

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