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Our Approach

NEC is challenging to develop the vaccine utilizing our cutting-edge AI technology, which is combined with biomedical science and our ICT expertise, targeting the realization of personalized cancer immunotherapy.  

Graph-based Relational Learning
A breakthrough technology that enables to highly accurate learning by using the knowledge graph in learning data including defects, which is not rare in the biotechnology field. Applicable in various area.

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Digital Twin
A technology that reproduces real world data on computers. In order to design a vaccine for infectious diseases that can be effective regardless of race, it is used to select the optimal component in consideration of the frequency of a gene in the world population.

Use case

Personalized cancer vaccines development using cutting-edge AI

Next generation vaccines development using cutting-edge AI

Our way for therapeutic vaccines provision

In addition to our vaccine design technology, NEC is conducting a wide range of research and development including networks and cyber security required for the manufacture and delivery of personalized vaccines.

Relevant technologies