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Established NEC Bio B.V.

In March 2023, NEC established NEC Bio B.V in Hilversum, Netherlands and simultaneously realigned NEC OncoImmunity as a subsidiary of NEC Bio, and established a new company, NEC Bio Therapeutics in Mannheim, Germany, also a subsidiary of NEC Bio.

NEC Establishes Subsidiaries in Europe for Strengthening Global AI Drug Development Business

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Corporate structure

Corporate structure

Role of each company

AIDD, AI Drug Development Division, is a part of NEC Corporate’s Global Innovation Unit, in Tokyo, Japan, It will continue to focus on development of new technology, through continued academic collaborations and new forge collaborations in future. It would also support NEC Bio initiatives in the future.

AI Drug Development Division

The main focus of NEC Bio will be to streamline all AI drug research and development activities and strengthen NEC’s global position in this area. NEC Bio’s mission is to bring novel therapies to patients across the globe, to improve their quality of life and health outcomes. It will achieve this mission by empowering NEC OncoImmunity to continue its cutting-edge research in the AI drug development domain and enable NEC Bio Therapeutics, to focus on clinical development of pipeline assets


NEC Bio Therapeutics, established in Manheim, Germany, will focus on clinical strategy and development, as well as planning and execution of clinical trials in oncology area.

NEC Bio Therapeutics

NEC OncoImmunity

NEC OncoImmunity in Oslo, Norway, is re-aligned with NEC Bio B.V. as a subsidiary. It will continue its cutting-edge research and development activities for world class AI technology to bring novel treatments to patients across the globe in the fields of oncology and infectious disease