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Digital BSS/OSS and Customer Engagement

Netcracker 2020

Making you the focus of your customers' digital experience

Netcracker 2020, a comprehensive suite of digital products and services, is designed to help service providers around the globe become central to their customer’s digital lifestyle and innovate the digital enterprise. With new windowNetcracker 2020, service providers can transform customer engagement, dynamically evolve their digital ecosystems and reach new levels of automation and security, helping them to innovate and disrupt in the 5G digital economy.

Netcracker 2020 Digital new windowBSS /new windowOSS and new windowCustomer Engagement products and services are designed and enhanced for the 5G era. The digital portfolio is fully open and standards compliant, built for the cloud and allows service providers to develop their own enhancements or co-develop functions through a low code platform and blueprint delivery approach. 

Digital BSS

Netcracker is the global leader in BSS solutions with more than new window250 communications service providers and enterprise customers. Netcracker’s BSS services and solutions help launch new products, new windowcollect and grow revenue, expand new windowpartner ecosystems and provide new windowworld-class customer experiences.

Netcracker new windowDigital BSS automates business processes supporting the entire customer lifecycle from discovery, shopping, ordering and billing through to payment and maintenance. It supports traditional, next-generation and value-added B2B2X services from day one. Digital BSS enables access to new revenue sources in a digital world while accelerating time to launch and scaling new lines of business, leveraging technologies such as IoT, 5G and cloud.

Digital OSS

Netcracker Digital OSS is built on more than 25 years’ experience of successfully delivering end-to-end service and resource management, enabling service agility and operational efficiency through automation. Netcracker OSS solutions have been implemented and used by hundreds of customers worldwide to help transition operations from physical to virtualized and cloud environments, embrace greater levels of service innovation and stay competitive in fast-changing markets.

Netcracker Digital OSS utilizes a microservices-based, cloud-native architecture to enable solution flexibility, elasticity and resilience. It provides end-to-end, zero-touch orchestration for traditional and digital services including SDN/NFV, cloud, IoT and 5G and automates operations across complex hybrid environments. Service providers benefit from faster service creation and delivery, improved operational agility and lower TCO.

Customer Engagement

Netcracker new windowCustomer Engagement is designed to help CSPs enhance and enrich the digital lifestyle by providing a personalized, relevant and consistent digital customer experience across all channels. It also provides AI-driven, dynamic customer journeys with contextual adaptation that gives customer care representatives real-time, intelligent customer insights.

Netcracker’s solution helps service providers enhance the customer experience across all digital channels by adopting a mobile-first approach, leading to greater adoption of self-service tools that make bidirectional customer interactions seamless and intuitive. A single data management layer across all solution components ensures a consistent customer experience throughout the entire customer journey and service lifecycle.

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