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Moving to Open RAN – The time is now

  • Abstract

    The introduction of Open RAN represents the biggest shift in radio access architecture we have seen during the last two decades. Promotors claim it comes with great promise such as lower costs, scalability, faster and greater innovation, unprecedented flexibility and shorter lead times for deployment of new services. On the other hand, its opponents question whether the cost savings are real, raise concerns of increased complexity as well as network disruptions risks. In this white paper we try to answer these questions, build on our previous papers as well as our own technology research and development, and our discussions with operators around the globe.

NEC's UPF maximizes 5G value with high performance and flexibility in containerized, virtualized or physical deployments

  • Abstract

    NEC successfully conducted a measurement test, which demonstrated that its UPF could handle traffic at the rate of 640 Gbps per server. NEC verified this by using 2U/2-socket servers equipped with the latest server processors and 100 GbE Network Interface Cards (NIC). The UPF capability demonstrated in this measurement test was significantly better than traditional systems. Moreover, NEC UPF has the flexibility to support multiple platforms. It can run on virtualized or containerized environment, as well as on a COTS server. It can also be deployed on public cloud, which enables the quick launch of 5G network on a small scale with short-lived use.
    This whitepaper introduces the details of NEC’s high performance UPF and the technology behind together with our extensive product lineup and the use cases.

NEC's Cloud Native Mobile Core Blueprint to 5G Innovation

  • Abstract

    The implementation of a cloud-native 5G Core network is unquestionably a crucial vector in revolutionizing the industry across multiple verticals, unlocking new B2B2X business models that can rapidly deliver new services and experiences. This whitepaper shares NEC's outlook on how its fully open, automated, microservices based, multicloud-compatible 5G Core architecture, combined with our industry leading 5G technologies enable the quick creation of scalable networks, efficient operations, and cost optimization.

Building an Open vRAN Ecosystem -Accelerating deployments with a replicable reference architecture-

  • Abstract

    Replicating a reference architecture is an excellent way for CSPs to deploy Open vRAN and enable faster evolution of their networks to accommodate surging traffic growth with the flexibility, efficiency and intelligence demanded in the real 5G world. This whitepaper provides potential options of proven deployment models jointly developed by our industry-leading partners. 

Open & Virtualized -The Future of Radio Access Network-

  • Abstract

    CSPs confront numerous challenges in order to prepare for the “real 5G world” where uRLLC and mMTC become a reality. To address these challenges, we believe the disruptive and powerful technology of Open vRAN has a strong potential to transform the way CSPs deploy and monetize 5G. This whitepaper gives you insights on how NEC can bring this into practicality. 

NEC 5G Vertical Business Platform

  • Abstract

    CSPs will undeniably become an essential contributor to the social infrastructure in the 5G world. NEC 5G Vertical Business Platform has been designed as an universal platform to enable CSPs to continuously add new applications and services for industry verticals creating new revenue streams.

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