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Qubits 2021

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NEC Conference Information

Dates: Oct 5 -Oct 7.2021
Location: Online Event
Host: D-Wave Systems Inc.

Title: 『Collaborative Efforts with D-Wave』
Schedule: Wednesday, Oct 6 10:45am-(JST)

Shinzo Dote
Deputy General Manager
AI Platform Division
NEC Corporation


Shinzo Dote
Abstract: In addition to quantum computing, NEC supports a wide range of this field, such as quantum communications, quantum cryptography, quantum sensing.
We have been collaborating with D-Wave, a leading company in the quantum computing field.
In this session, we will introduce the values that NEC provides to our customers through our collaborative works with D-Wave.

Experience: Since joining NEC Corporation in 1992, Shinzo has been involved in various businesses, including wide-area communication software development, planning and sales of network appliance servers, and development of server virtualization solutions. He has contributed to improving convenience and safety for customers using the power of IT technology.

Shinzo assumed his current position in 2019 and has been focused on improving the efficiency and sophistication of various on-site operations as head of the Smart Work Solution Business.

Since April 2021, he has been responsible for quantum annealing products in NEC, promoting the joint business with D-Wave in the quantum annealing field and the sales of NEC's own digital annealing computing products, and concentrating his efforts on business in the field of combinatorial optimization.

NEC Australia Conference Information

Title: Solving the Last Mile Resupply Problem
Schedule: Wednesday, Oct 6 2:15am (JST)

Dr David Garvin
Senior Principal Researcher
Quantum Computing Office


Shinzo Dote
Abstract: NEC Australia and D-Wave were selected by the Australian Department of Defence to demonstrate the use of hybrid quantum computing technology to solve a “last mile resupply” problem. The technology optimised how autonomous vehicles were used to resupply army forces from a central base. A live demonstration is included in this talk.

Experience: David focuses on researching, developing and implementing applications of quantum computing. He has worked at Rigetti, a full stack quantum computing hardware manufacturer and at QxBranch, a quantum applications company. He now works in the Quantum Computing Office at NEC with responsibilities in quantum annealing. He has been involved in identifying and advancing quantum applications across verticals including finance, defence, transport and pharmaceuticals.

David has over 20 years experience as a Front-Office Quant in the Finance Industry. Previously, he has been the Global Head of Quantitative Analysis at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Prior to that, he was a Director at Deutsche Bank and a Quant Analyst at Morgan Grenfell. He has covered all asset classes and been involved in management, modelling, risk and analytics, derivatives and structured products, machine learning and electronic trading.

David holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Cambridge University and an MBA (Exec) from the Australian Graduate School of Management. He has authored articles in finance, physics, engineering, classical computing and quantum computing.


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(Link to where Dr David Garvin is speaking)

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