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Qubits 2020

This event has ended

NEC will make an appearance during one of the talks for the online event “Qubits”, hosted by D-Wave known for commercializing quantum computing from an early stage also being our key collaborative partner since December last year.

This is your chance to hear the latest information of NEC's efforts in the quantum computer field, an area gaining huge attentions lately.

We will also exhibit a booth during the event, so please do drop by visiting the event at  Qubits 2020.

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Dates: Sept 28-Sept 30,2020
Location: Online Event
Host: D-Wave Systems Inc.

NEC Conference Information

Title: 『Quantum Computing Activities in NEC and Collaboration with D-Wave』
Speaker: Akira kon, Executive Global Director, Quantum Computing Office, NEC Corporation
Schedule: Tuesday, Sept 29 6:55-7:15 pm PDT/ 1:55-2:15 am UTC
Wednesday.Sep 30 10:55-11:15am JST

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    Our booth will be online 20 mins before the seminar. Please drop by.

Booth Time

Monday,Sept 28 10:00 am-12:30 pm PDT /5:00-7:30 pm UTC (2 hour 30 mins)
Tuesday,Sept 29 9:05-9:25 am PDT/4:05-4:25 pm UTC (20 mins)
Tuesday,Sept 29 10:45 am-1:00 pm PDT/5:45-8:00 pm UTC (2 hour 15 mins)
Tuesday,Sept 29 6:35-6:55pm PDT/1:35-1:55am UTC (Wednesday, Sep 30 10:35-10:55 am JST) (20 mins)

Official Site

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    Pre-registration is required.