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Efficient Operation

NIAS(NEC Information Assessment System)

Resource management (option product)

Granting setting authority (Active Directory, access setting, quota) to group administrator enables efficient and proper management

  • NIAS provides integrated management such as resource allocation (quota) and access rights setting, etc. to efficiently support organization change and project activity

  • Setting operation can be granted to each division and/or person in charge of the project
  • Workflow function streamlines application / approval operation
  • By setting execution schedule and Active Directory information beforehand, time and effort for the management process is reduced, leading to preventing misoperation

Workflow Operation

Strong support for data migration of "on-premise to cloud" and "on-premise to on-premise"

  • Migrate data from your on-premises file server to another CIFS file server. It is also possible to migrate data to another model of storage or a file server on an IaaS environment such as AWS or Azure.
  • Also, data migration to cloud storage "Box" is possible.
data migration option function details
  • Equipped with an easy-to-understand management UI, even those who are unfamiliar with data migration can perform migration work. All operations such as narrowing down the conditions in advance, grasping the status during migration, checking the migration result, and retrying the difference of the files that could not be migrated can be performed from the UI.
  • You can perform data migration on multiple machines side by side. As a result, data division efficiency and parallel migration can be realized, and data migration can be accelerated.
UI of data migration option and it's explanation