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Cost Reduction

NIAS(NEC Information Assessment System)

Visualization of the server

View to easily know the capacity utilization status

  • Access through web browser to know the status from NIAS intuitive dashboard
  • Data increase trend helps consider timing of file organization and hardware expansion

Unique memory DB technology for high speed analysis

  • Easy setting of organization condition to create lists of organization target files
  • NIAS recommends organization condition after finalizing automated analysis of the server

  • File search can be done in a few seconds even in case of large-scale file server of 2 billion files (equivalent to 1PB)
  • Search function linked to Active Directory is available for general users. Unauthorized files to the user are automatically excluded from result if it is done by this person

  • Filtered search using folder directory, file name, etc.

Simple Analysis

File organization / capacity reduction

Efficient operation by linkage of users and administrators

  • Administrator can send general users the list of files which is thought to be unnecessary in order to request actual organization
  • User can put additional conditions so as to narrow down the files in the list
  • NIAS helps total file organization operation including administrator's decision making and user's file check
File Oganization Request

Scheduled deletion / archiving of unused files etc.

  • By setting operation rule, NIAS automates the process of finding specific files based on the conditions (duplicated files, large files, unused files, etc.), and automatically organizes these files
  • Without any effort of administrators or users, file server organization can be automated
  • Flexible setting can be applied (e.g. duplicated files and files not accessed 3 years or longer are automatically moved to inexpensive secondary storage every month)
File Organization