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MasterScope WinShare - Technical Details

Feature Outline

In addition to the basic functions for remote operation, we also offer secure and convenient functions such as log output, power control, file transfer, etc.

Power control

From the operation PCs, users can power on and off the remote PCs which support Intel® AMT (Note*1) or Wake on LAN (Note*2).

(Note*1) Intel® AMT 6.0 or later is supported
(Note*2) Only power on is available for Wake on LAN.


Retrieving logs, encryption, concentration

The remote PC can send log information about access, remote operation, file-transfer, and command execution to the central server under an encrypted environment.


Encryption of communications contents

All communications can be encrypted. Threats such as tapping can be handled without having to install the user's own encryption tools or VPN environments.


User authentication, access host control

Allowing or denying remote access can be set individually for each user or host. Remote connection is not allowed for users who do not have authentication information or machines that are not registered as access hosts.


File transfer

With the user friendly GUI, you can transfer files between the local machine and the remote machine.


Setting operation rights (operable/read only)

You can set the remote PC to read-only while allowing remote operation from the operation PC.