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MasterScope WinShare - Product Overview

MasterScope WinShare is a remote access and operation software solution. It enables you to operate PCs, Servers, and other Windows-embedded devices such as POS terminals in remote locations by simply and securely displaying those screen images onto your computer. It reduces various costs by letting you to manage and maintain devices in distant places, and resolve helpdesk issues quickly. It is easy to deploy without further facility investment in line capacity enhancement in many cases and without additional servers.

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Remote maintenance work

PCs, servers, and dedicated equipment (Note*1) that are located in various locations can be maintained centrally from a remote location.

(Note*1) POS terminals, ATMs and other equipment that generally use Embedded OS.


Help desk work

Because user screens can be shared with operators, efficient support by help desks and call centers is possible.


Working outside the office

Users can turn on their desktop PCs remotely from outside the office, and carry out everyday business.