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MasterScope Operations Navigator End-of-life

Simple administration of small to mid-sized systems

Operations Navigator has been stopped shipment since 31st August 2018.

Operations Navigator has been stopped shipment because the products has been integrated into SystemManager G.

Please refer to SystemManager G web site
End of the support date is 31st August 2028.
Charge-free version up is available under product support contract.

For further information, please contact to NEC sales person or contact

MasterScope Operations Navigator is an all-in-one software tool that provides all the features you need for integrated administration, and can be easily installed and run. Also, because the troubleshooting information is provided at the purchase time, specialized IT administration knowledge is not required.

MasterScope Operations Navigator provides the following features: monitoring (messages, performance, processes, Windows service, application logs, syslogs, event logs, and file capacity), knowledge management, reporting, and internal control management (audit management).

Have you encountered these problems?

My administration tool has too many features. I don’t know which one I should use.

Because MasterScope Operations Navigator provides a set of features for monitoring the system in an integrated way from the beginning, you need not find out the optimal combination of individual products by trial and error. MasterScope Operations Navigator provides features to cover the whole process from detecting system failures or the signs of failure to performing recovery, helping you to prevent failures or quickly recover your system whenever a failure occurs.

We have to employ new people with IT expertise to address failures.

MasterScope Operations Navigator provides a knowledge feature to help you determine what error or warning messages mean and how to troubleshoot them. You can preconfigure a series of commands to run a full automatic recovery when a problem occurs. It is also possible to manually follow each recovery steps, confirming the result of each commands.

This knowledge feature can accumulate all the daily operation information on your system in addition to the middleware information that NEC has accumulated so far. The operational performance of the system as a whole can therefore be improved without relying on the administrator.

The management interface is inconsistent and messages are scattered, so I don’t know where to start.

MasterScope Operations Navigator centrally manages all necessary logs, analyzes them, and displays the system status from an operational viewpoint. The system administrator can therefore intuitively see what has happened and where it took place.

This enables you to quickly find where in the system a problem has occurred and visually understand the effect on the system in case of any failure.