VersaPro type VC (2013 Model)

Announced in November 2013 End of sales

Lightweight wide screen 13.3" mobile laptop
with ergonomically designed isolation keyboard.

type VB


English Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit OS ideal for global business

English Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit offers an improved Start button and other design tweaks that improve usability while maintaining the customizable interface, functional diversity, and other benefits of Windows 8.
A Simplified Chinese OS is also available for models shipped to China.

Powered by Intel® Core™ i5 Processor

Incorporation of the latest 4th-generation IntelR Core? i5 processor provides an ideal balance of high processing performance and energy savings.

Web camera

VersaPro type VB has a web camera above the LCD screen to make web meetings, instant messaging, and other forms of business communication easier and more convenient.

Wireless LAN

By connecting to wireless LAN access point, you can access intranet or internet without inserting or removing a LAN cable when you move to a meeting room or other rooms with a PC.

Wireless LAN

Ergonomically designed isolation keyboard

VersaPro VC features an isolation keyboard that provides optimum spacing between keys for a superior typing experience.

Ergonomically designed isolation keyboard

Water Resistant Structure

A water resistant sheet under the keyboard of VersaPro type VC protects against the penetration of water spilled on the keyboard by draining water out through the vent on the back so that you have enough time to shut down the computer safely.

Water Resistant Structure

  • * This test does not guarantee protection from damage and/or failure due to water entering the PC. If water is spilled on the computer, it will require inspection and repair (a fee will be charged).

150 kgf Class robust design

Assuming the stresses to which devices can be subjected in crowded trains, type VB is designed and built to pass a 150 kgf plane pressure test and 25 kgf pin-point pressure test (while turned off)*.

150 kgf Class robust design

  • *: The plane pressure test is done by applying pressure of 1470 N (150 kgf) uniformly distributed over the top panel. The pin-point pressure test is done by applying pressure of 245 N (25 kgf) on round areas with a radius of 15 mm uniformly distributed over the top panel, palm rest and keyboard. These tests do not guarantee protection from damage and/or failure resulting from pressure.
  • * This photograph features the UltraLite Type VB.

TPM security chip enabling password-based security control

VersaPro type VC has an embedded TPM security chip that enables information used for authentication that used to be stored on the hard disk, such as encryption keys, to be stored and managed more securely. This makes it possible to link with other security features, facilitates password management and prevents unauthorized access to the encrypted files on the hard disk.

  • *:Not provided on models sold in China.
  • *:VersaPro type VC is shipped with the security chip turned on.
  • *:The TPM version is TCG v1.2.

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