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VersaPro type VB (2016 Model) : Notes Concerning Detailed Specifications

  • *1:
    Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® technology driver built in.
  • *2:
    Supports hyperthreading technology.
  • *11:
    If a resolution lower than the maximum display resolution is selected, characters and lines may be displayed with varying thicknesses.
  • *13:
    The 16.77M-color display is realized by the dithering feature.
  • *22:
    Does not support CPRM copyright protection. MultiMediaCard (MMC) and SDIO cards cannot be used. UHS-II cards can be used. The actual data transfer rate depends on the bus interface speed and the usage environment, including the SD memory card performance.
  • *27:
    The provided driver installation procedure has been verified in Windows 10 version 1607 and Windows® 7 SP1. A separate driver will be required if using an OS update.
  • *28:
    For a 32-bit OS, even with 4 GB or more memory installed, the specifications limit the physical memory address space that can be handled to 4 GB. The memory area that can be used by the OS also depends on the device configuration.
  • *41:
    VersaPro type VB is shipped with the Intel® PTT and internal security chip (TPM) turned off. TPM cannot be used with Windows 10. Intel® PTT cannot be used with Windows® 7.
  • *49:
    The battery pack is a consumable. These values indicate the nominal capacity (the capacity of the battery pack when actually used).
  • *56:
    The customer can use one partition. This area is NTFS-formatted.