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Additional Information


  • The product pictured in on this website has been photographed for inclusion on this website and for advertising purposes. Therefore, its design and external appearance may differ from that of the actual product. The colors in the photographs may also differ from the colors of the actual product.
  • The screens pictured on this website are inlaid composite images.
  • The product photographs were not taken at the same scale.
  • The warranty for this product covers only the hardware.
  • NEC Corporation and NEC Personal Computers, Ltd., shall not be held liable for any damage or loss arising from failure to follow the cautions in the User's Guide of the product.
  • This product includes limited-life parts (display, optical drive, HDD, power supply, AC adapter, motherboard, graphics board, etc.). For stable and reliable operation of the product, these parts need to be periodically inspected and replaced as necessary. Particularly if the product is used continuously for long periods of time, early replacement of parts is required for the purposes of safety and stable operation. The replacement frequency of limited-life parts depends on the usage frequency and usage conditions, but is about five years, assuming eight hours of use, 365 days a year.
  • The software that is installed in this product may differ from packaged products that are sold separately. The version and detailed functions of the preinstalled and bundled software are subject to change without prior notice. Some restrictions may therefore apply to some of the functions.
  • In order to use the software installed in this product and the separately sold software described on this website, expansion devices and peripheral equipment besides the notebook computer itself may be required. Be sure to verify all such requirements before purchase.
  • OS compatibility, usability and usage conditions for the software and peripheral equipment to be used must be checked by the customer according to the selected operating system.
    The security features provided in this product are not guaranteed to provide impenetrable security. Moreover, maintenance services to cover password loss, for example, will incur charges even during the free warranty period.
  • The interfaces and expansion slots provided in this product do not constitute a guarantee that all peripheral equipment will operate correctly. When purchasing peripheral equipment and expansion devices (memory cards, etc.), check with the distributor or manufacturer about their compatibility based on the OS and usage conditions.
  • When using the product under battery power, the brightness of the display is reduced to extend the operation time.
  • The HDD and SSD capacities listed on this website are calculated based on a conversion formula of 1 GB = 1 billion bytes. The capacity that is displayed as recognized by the OS may therefore be smaller than the actual capacity.
  • Using off-specification discs in the CD drive installed in this product may cause problems.
  • During playback of video software on a DVD drive, dropped frames may occur, depending on the type of DVD disc that is played.
  • This product is not intended to be incorporated in or used to control facilities or devices on which human lives depend, including medical devices, nuclear facilities and devices, aeronautics and space devices, transportation facilities and devices; or facilities and devices requiring high reliability. NEC Corporation and NEC Personal Computers, Ltd., assume no liability for any accident resulting in personal injury, death, or property damage if this product has been used for the above applications. Any users with implantable cardiac pacemakers should use wireless LAN products with the product separated from the pacemaker by a distance of 30 cm or more.
  • In areas where the use of electronic devices and wireless devices is prohibited, such as inside airplanes and hospitals, turn off the power of the wireless LAN product or disable the wireless LAN feature. Wireless LAN products may affect electronic devices and medical devices, leading to malfunction or accident.
  • It is very important to specify security settings in wireless LAN devices.
  • To prevent problems arising from leaks of important data when discarding or transferring a computer or memory card, be sure to erase all the data on the computer or memory card prior to discarding or transferring it.
  • For your safety, use the notebook computer’s battery pack correctly, referring to the User's Guide or here.

Cautions concerning radio waves

  • The wireless LAN (5 GHz*1 *2 *4) can only be used inside, unless it is an IEEE802.11ac (W56) or IEEE 802.11n (W56) or IEEE 802.11a (W56) wireless LAN, in accordance with the Radio Law in Japan.
  • The wireless LAN (2.4 GHz*1 *3) and Bluetooth functions use radio waves in the 2.4 GHz band. In addition to industrial, scientific, and medical equipment such as microwave ovens, other similar radio stations, onsite RFID radio stations that require a license, such as those used by factory manufacturing lines, and specified low power radio stations and amateur radio stations that do not require a license (known hereafter as “other stations”) also operate in this frequency band.
  • Before using this device, check that there are no other stations operating in the vicinity.
  • If radio interference does occur between your computer and another station, be sure to either quickly change the channel you are using, change your location, or turn off your computer (stop transmitting radio waves).

Wireless LAN(IEEE802.11a/b/g/n,IEEE802.11b/g/n)


wifi certified

The wireless LAN model uses a wireless LAN module that has received Wi-Fi® certification* from the Wi-Fi Alliance industry group.

  • *:
    Products that have passed the certification test at the Wi-Fi Alliance testing laboratory are designated Wi-Fi CERTIFIED. (The Wi-Fi Alliance is a trade association that promotes Wireless LAN technology and certifies products if they conform to certain standards of interoperability.)

Cautions when using the battery pack

Handling the battery pack other than in the specified way and/or using it in other than the specified environment might cause the battery pack to generate an intense heat, catch fire, or rupture, leading to injury or death. Take particular care when handling and using the battery pack.

  1. Use only the specified charger to charge the battery pack.
    Charge the battery pack by using the method specified in the user’s guide. If the battery pack is charged by using other than the specified method, it might cause the battery pack to generate an intense heat, catch fire, or rupture.
  2. Do not disassemble or modify the battery pack.
    If the battery pack is disassembled or modified, it might cause the battery pack to generate an intense heat, catch fire, or rupture. An off-specification, disassembled, or modified battery pack is not covered by the product’s warranty.
  3. Do not throw the battery pack in the fire or place it near fire or flames. Do not heat up the battery pack or leave it in a hot place.
    If the battery pack is thrown in the fire, placed near fire or flames, heated up, or left in a hot place, it might cause the battery pack to generate an intense heat, catch fire, or rupture.
  4. Do not drop or hit the battery pack, or apply pressure to its surface using a sharp instrument. Do not subject the battery pack to an excessive impact force.
    Dropping the computer or subjecting the computer to an excessive impact force with the battery pack mounted or dropping the battery pack itself might damage the battery pack’s internal battery cells and circuit board, causing the battery pack to generate an intense heat, catch fire, or rupture. Do not use the battery pack if it has been subjected to a strong impact force, or if it looks clearly deformed or damaged.
  5. Do not short the battery pack’s metal terminals or spill water, coffee, juice or other liquid on the battery pack.
  6. If the battery drive time becomes shorter, replace the battery pack with a new NEC one.
    The battery pack degrades over time. A battery pack whose drive time has become shorter * might damage the computer. In this case, stop using the battery pack and replace it with a new NEC one.
    *:A battery pack that runs for one third or less of the specified drive time even when fully charged.
    • If the battery drive time has become shorter and if you have installed the Battery Tool in your computer, use this tool to refresh your battery. (This tool should be used about once every three months.) The Battery Tool conveniently diagnoses the battery while refreshing it. If the result of diagnosis is Deteriorated or Warning, replace the battery pack with a new NEC one.
    • Variations in the rate of consumption of battery cells might occur in a battery pack whose drive time has become shorter. Continuing to use a battery pack in which the rate of consumption of battery cells varies might damage you computer.
  7. When not using your computer or charging the battery, unplug the AC adapter to stop the battery pack degrading.
    Even when using the AC adapter without driving the battery, if the AC adapter is connected for a long time, it could cause the battery pack to degrade more quickly than usual. It is therefore recommended to unplug the AC adapter when not using your computer or charging the battery.
  8. Check that you are using the correct AC adapter for your computer.
  9. When storing the battery pack, be sure to store it in place that is cool, dark, and dry. Be sure also to keep it out of the reach of children.
    When storing the battery pack for long period of time, be sure to charge it to 50% capacity once every six months to stop it over discharging. When storing the battery pack, place it in a plastic bag, etc., to stop the terminals shorting, and then put it in a cardboard box or other container that does not conduct electricity. Do not place anything on top of the battery pack in the box.
  10. When discarding the battery pack, be sure to comply with all laws, rules and regulations related to collection and recycling in the country in which you are using your computer.

Saving BIOS settings by using the internal calendar battery

  • The date and time might not be displayed correctly or the computer might fail to start up due to illegal BIOS settings immediately after purchase or if the computer has not been used for more than two months, because the internal calendar battery is insufficiently charged. In this case, connect the computer to the AC adapter and leave it for at least 40 hours to ensure the calendar battery is fully charged. After the calendar battery is charged and before operating the computer, start up the BIOS setup utility in accordance with the instructions in the user’s guide, specify the BIOS settings, set the date and time, and restore any settings made following purchase.

All computers on this website are manufactured by NEC Personal Computers, Ltd.

Safety precautions

Read the cautions in the user’s guide supplied with your computer thoroughly before using the computer.
Do not use or leave the computer in a location subject to splashing from water, high levels of humidity, or smoke from oil. These can lead to fire, damage, or electric shock.
This computer was not designed to be used for more than 24 hours running.
The battery pack is a consumable product. If the battery drive time becomes shorter, replace the battery pack with a new NEC one.


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