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Trust in a digital society through transparency and visibility

NEC will help achieve a safe and secure society by providing transparency and visibility for people and systems to build and maintain trust. We will offer visual indicators of crowd levels in defined spaces, assistance for maintaining health, security expertise, and more.

City Mobile Application for Citizens
NEC's City Mobile Application for Citizens can be used to increase transparency for residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our application is linked with the NEC Smart City Platform and can be used to share critical information such as where COVID-19 testing is available and which areas should be avoided due to recent outbreaks, which reduces the possibility of infection and makes travel more efficient.

Thermal Prescreening Solution
NEC offers a Thermal Prescreening Solution, which further enables a transparent business environment to cope with the New Normal environment. Our solution uses a thermal camera with face recognition, which will automatically prevent entry into the facility of anyone who is seen in having a high surface temperature. This in turn can create a safer environment for employees, students and visitors and encourages voluntary health management.

PDFCongestion Detection :
People-crowds detection solution

NEC's Crowd Congestion Detection System uses smart cameras, which visualize the risk of infection by showing the real-time position of crowds within a building. This solution helps monitor real-time conditions in a safe and efficient manner and can automatically facilitate social distancing in the New Normal Era.

new windowCollections Management :
Billing tracking solution for collections management for telecommunications carriers (Net Cracker)

NEC offers a remote Collections Management solution via Net Cracker, which can help Communication Service Providers increase network transparency during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our solutions help CSPs better visualize their networks with more frequent and more granular data, and can accelerate the introduction of new revenue streams and pricing models.

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