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Operational efficiency with automation by AI and ICT technologies

To sustain remote work operations and improve interactions with clients, automation and operational efficiency with AI and other ICT technologies are essential. To meet these needs, NEC is contributing various new technologies and expertise.

new windowCollections Management :
Billing tracking solution for collections management for telecommunications carriers (Net Cracker)

NEC's remote Collections Management solution via Net Cracker helps Communication Service Providers better automate billing tracking during the COVID-19 pandemic as network traffic and service has significantly increased. This in turn allows CSPs to create a better end-user experience for customers who desire a faster and more accurate billing experience, paving the way for new revenue streams.

new windowNetcracker Business Cloud / new windowDigital Market Place :
Cloud migration promotion platform for SMEs (Net Cracker)

NEC offers a Digital Market Place via Net Cracker, which enables a fast and efficient transition to automation in the cloud. COVID-19 has increased the need to automate e-commerce solutions and our service offers fast and easy provisioning of web-based services, as well as more agile services to be introduced from multiple vendors.

new windowNetcracker OSS / BSS and Managed Service :
VNF efficiency management solution for telecommunications carriers (Net Cracker)

NEC's VNF Efficiency Management Solution for Communication Service Providers automates several network functions. This is especially important in the COVID-19 era as network traffic has increased significantly with more people than ever working from home, making it necessary for IT networks to be more efficient than ever. Our solution can deliver new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction via network automation.

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