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NEC Corporation
Annual Report 2016

Business Model: The Social Value That the NEC Group Aims to Create



  • Six Megatrends
  • The Seven Themes for Social Value Creation
  • Value for Society
  • One to Many
  • Working in Concert with Stakeholders to Find Solutions to Social Issues
  • NEC' s Distinctive ICT Underpinning Social Value Creation

One to Many

Tackling the fundamental issues of our customers and society

To maximize the social value that NEC provides, the company needs to change. Historically, we built our presence within a culture of responding comprehensively to the requirements of each customer. In other words, it was a one-to-one business model.

Moving forward, we need to tackle more social issues in the global market and to keep making greater contributions. We also need to create our own value for our customers' customers. In addition to a one-to-one business model, it is essential that we strengthen our one-to-many business model. This framework is based on developing business models through understanding of our customers' requirements, taking advantage of our past experience in successfully creating various kinds of value and also by working together with our customers in creating new value for society as a whole. In addition, we will consider the external environment when elaborating on NEC' s unique business model for our customers and society.

The efforts of all our employees will lead us to establishing a one-to-many culture. Through this transformation, we aim to both continue providing greater value to society and to become a true business partner, irreplaceable to our customers.

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