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NEC Corporation
Annual Report 2016

Business Model: The Social Value That the NEC Group Aims to Create



  • Six Megatrends
  • The Seven Themes for Social Value Creation
  • Value for Society
  • One to Many
  • Working in Concert with Stakeholders to Find Solutions to Social Issues
  • NEC' s Distinctive ICT Underpinning Social Value Creation

6 Megatrends (Material Issues)

01 Chain of resource and environmental issues

The consumption of water and food due to population growth and urbanization will impact the other resources and the environment.

02 Growth in emerging countries and their new challenges

Rapid economic growth in emerging countries will cause new issues, such as environmental concerns and resource shortages, even as their power grows.

03 Search for mature society models

In advanced countries, low birthrates, aging of populations, and the deterioration of facilities will encourage reform of the current legal and social systems.

04 Increase in power and influence of individual

Advancement of the Internet will raise concerns over cyber-attacks, etc., while increasing the influence of individuals on the global stage.

05 Deconcentration of power

As emerging countries and individuals have more influence, the world will decentralize and form a new power balance.

06 Diversified threats and needs for safety and security

Big changes in the world will generate various threats to both the real world and cyberspace, and increase demand for safety and security.

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