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NEC Corporation
Annual Report 2016

Business Model: The Social Value That the NEC Group Aims to Create



  • Six Megatrends
  • The Seven Themes for Social Value Creation
  • Value for Society
  • One to Many
  • Working in Concert with Stakeholders to Find Solutions to Social Issues
  • NEC' s Distinctive ICT Underpinning Social Value Creation

Value for Society

What is the social value that NEC provides? We strive hard to be a social value innovator who pursues the improvement of the fundamental issues facing society, its customers, and enriches human lives.
These factors led us to conclude that there are four types of social value the NEC Group should continue to provide: safety, security, efficiency, and equality.

Ensuring broad range of safety for all from individual to country
Serving society and the Earth
Realizing sustainable growth
Closing the social divide and eliminating inequality


Four Sources of Value

Backed by our ICT assets and our advanced ability to integrate these assets, the following four capabilities represent our sources of value: happening in real-time, being dynamic, being remote, and being secure.

Real time
Delivered by technologies such as cloud infrastructure and supercomputers.
Utilizing computing capabilities that surpass previous abilities, we create value that transcends the constraints of time.
Delivered by software technologies, such as big-data analysis, and image analysis, as well as through systemintegration (SI) abilities.
It allows us to flexibly create value in response to any kind of change.
Delivered by technologies such as mobile-communication infrastructure, submarine cables, and softwaredefined networking (SDN).
Bringing advanced networks into fruition, even in remote locations, allows us to provide value that transcends the constraints of distance.
In advancing the creation of social value through ICT, it is essential to maintain safety both in cyberspace and the real world. While ensuring the safety of value creation, we guarantee the expansion of the value we provide.


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