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Network Solutions That Support IoT

Expectations for networks are surging!?

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IoT facilitates the construction of a world where you can connect via anything, anywhere, at any time, and more conveniently and efficiently evolves the world by collecting and accumulating information. One of the cornerstones of the Internet of Things is, as its name suggests, the Internet, that is to say, network. What are the roles of networks as it pertains to IoT? Let’s consider what’s required of network in future smart cities. Smart cities will have countless sensors around town for real-time acquisition of a variety of data, such as temperature, traffic, and power consumption information. The numerous networked sensors support the convenience of your everyday life. Cameras will be widely used to capture traffic conditions, prevent street corner crime. Video, audio guides and guidance displays will be also widespread, with massive amounts of data such as video and audio circulating the network. Sensors built into roads and intersections will work in conjunction with automobiles to support self-driving. The network does not tolerate delays in supporting self-driving. Consequently, an IoT network must fulfill the following three requirements, while they are still only a small part of what makes up a smart city:

  • Allows for the connection of many devices
  • Enables large-volume data communication
  • Ensures communication with no or little delay

The examples may be simple, but they illustrate the point that the advancement of IoT is demanding that networks meet a wide variety of requirements. Other examples include agricultural ICT, which requires networks with wide area coverage and power-saving communication, as well as drone movement control, which needs area coverage handover. For the ever-expanding world of IoT, NEC believes that network must measure up to the enormous expectations of diverse industries.

Network optimization that support IoT

NEC IoT Network Solution offers optimal networks for IoT requirements. NEC IoT Network Solution provides networks that allow communication when needed and with the necessary bandwidth, which can save on network costs and enable efficient sharing of network traffic.

On the other hand, a world of sophisticated IoT will require a management of tens of thousands of IoT devices, which also are expected to be operating in places where a power supply or mobile environment is not accessible. In response to such issues, NEC IoT Network Solution can provide device management systems and networks compliant with LoRaWAN, one of the LPWA protocols. LoRaWAN resolves the power supply and communication cost issues by offering the capability to build power-saving, low-cost networks with broad coverage. Additionally, it enables a centralized, remote management of IoT devices, which, in combination with the above, can cater to a simplified development of networks that support IoT solutions.

NEC IoT Network Solution offers the optimal networks for IoT to suit our customers’ environment.


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